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Design & Style

Working With a Team and Collaboration

Marc Jacobs

Lesson time 12:44 min

Marc believes strongly in collaboration in the design process. Marc shares what he looks for in his collaborators and how he has worked with artists in the past to create unique designs.

Marc Jacobs
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I have several teams that I work with. So there is a handbag team. And there's a shoe team. And there's a ready-to-wear team. And there is a team of people I work with for hair and makeup and set. So every different aspect of design, as well as the show, comes with a team. Now sometimes the team can be one person with an assistant. And sometimes it's two people. Sometimes four people. But there are different teams. Overall, I don't know what the number is of people because if you add hair and makeup-- everything-- it becomes quite a number. But there's usually someone in charge, or the head of each team. So Joseph, who's the head of the ready-to-wear team-- there is Katie Grand, who is my collaborator and stylist that I work-- she has a team of people she brings with her when she works on the show. There is hairdresser and his team, makeup artist and his team-- there's shoe designers and bag designers. Each has their team. So it's a lot of teams. I'm a big believer in the whole equals the sum of its parts. So I'm very lucky and very happy and grateful to work with such great teams. Everybody within each team I rely on, In terms of not only helping me to communicate and execute my thoughts, but to bring their thoughts and their ideas. In fact, that's a very big part-- going back to inspiration-- that's a very big part of what inspires me-- is the input I get from the various teams I work with. [MUSIC PLAYING] I love when people are proactive. I love when people take the initiative to do things. What I don't like is people who sit around and wait for direction. I love when people have ideas and thoughts, when they are thinking for themselves, when they are creating and, again, gathering or researching, when they act on their own and bring-- like I say, I love when people bring stuff to the party. That's what I look for. And, again, people who think out of the box. So not only who take direction but who also-- like when I talked about the tangents that come from inspiration-- where they take something that we're doing and say, well this could be of interest too. Or that could be of interest too. The idea of collaboration is participation. It's not shutting anybody out. It's including them. And it's looking at what people are doing and reacting to it. So again, it's this action and reaction. It's a constant communication and a constant sharing of ideas. And that's what I think stimulates and helps to evolve the ideas. [MUSIC PLAYING] So getting stuck-- well, if you're asking me if I ever get stuck, I get stuck all the time. And I think that part of my getting stuck is that I don't realize that I'm being inspired when I am. But I constantly feel stuck. I struggle all the time with understanding what it is that is of interest to me. There are times where what I'm interested in, what we were interest...

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Loved how straightforward and thoughtful the instructor was.

I'm fashion designer for many years it was very nice to hear from Mark that even him doesn't have answer or creating mood immediately or even he could be it .

My passion for fashion, needs to be inspired and have always loved MJ shows and creative originality. Great, thanks


Cristelle S.

Dear MasterClass, Hello. I really enjoyed the lesson "Working With a Team and Collaboration". I am grateful to this class because I learned about how to get to the end result of my fashion designs, and art designs. Thank you "Marc Jacobs: Teaches Fashion Design" class. Sincerely, Cristelle Nicole

Greg M.

I work in retail. Teamwork is necessary in retail because it is used constantly to ensure that every thing is done effectively aswell as effficiently. Ever person is important in retail and we rely on eachother for the success of the business.

Kelly F.

I work with confidence building in kids, people. This insight from Marc Jacobs reaches into every arena. His idea of SEEKING others and LISTENING to them. He is truly absorbing what they are into, their thought as a way of forming his own, was fascinating. It was a vulnerability that he did not see this way at all. Just NO EGO, connecting, exploring and valuing others on an equal level and importantly, valuing himself not yielding without bringing his own stuff to the party. His natural way of non judgement and openness can't be missed. I was able to exhale and take in all he was saying and feeling. Authentic in thought, being and design... an authentic life. Blessed to have dialed into this today. I may reach out and see if Mr. Jacobs might want to collaborate in a confidence building event for high school students. Thank you Marc Jacobs, I love your style of thought and of course design. Kelly

Reena Mafaldina D.

I love the dress design and most of all the fabric!! cowl neck, sarong skirt and dolman or kimono sleeves all put together very nicely. But I would rather keep the back simple if I were to sew the dress for my self. I also get stuck for ideas but thanks to the internet it is a great source of ideas. As a clothing designer accessories also matter and so picking the perfect shoes and trinkets, etc take up a lot of time shopping. Easier to make the dress. hahaha

Elizabeth E.

To be able to work with other artist, it's a very interesting idea. This is something that I will take in count in the future. In some cases, when I am designing, simultaneously I am designing the print of fabric and the accessories as well. The big challenge is to bring those details to the real world, but it's not impossible. The most important teaching of this class is to communicate with your team and learn from them as well.


When I have the clothes by design ready,. I will post and I may please have feedback by family and classmates please because I find this course a great direction to my ideas as an artist by and mentor,. Especially the wonderful fashion designer and others in the industry ! I am so behind by class but feel within the next four weeks I will have stuff ready and by the term semester. I am really learning a lot by standard and realize this is the one industry that is chic when it's subjective to season because people and time at times by nature grow,. But fasionable and stylish society always stay the same by walk of life as well by good will and by good people that do good by society to always. A., M. Sorry typo. M.A.

Juan B.

Estos son dos de los looks realizados para mi ultima colección llamada Morphine 3 sigue mi trabajo en INSTAGRAM @barretoatelier

Elizabeth B.

It is very hard to work on your own. I don't have a big enough business to hire, and there are days I really wish I had someone to bounce things off of. Getting other points of view is definitely just as helpful and having time by yourself to be creative. Still looking for that perfect balance! :)

Despina L.

The notion of collaboration with other people especially artists who have. more abstract development to their work, as opposed to Fashion or Interior Designers, is a great thing! It should be encouraged and established where ever possible as it leads to a far more superior end result!

Kimberly H.

I love the idea of working with others because so many new ideas can come in, and be advanced as a group of people. I don't seem to ever get stuck for ideas, so much as need someone to help me focus the ideas and have that outside viewpoint to make something better. I would love the experience of working with others, so I am reaching out to a local fashion designer to ask them to look at my toile and sketches, review one of my ideas, hear their advice and hopefully hire their seamstress to sew one of my designs. I would also like to look for a grad from a fashion college to review and hire to sew one of my designs for me (still need more experience in sewing). This can be great networking too. I think this would be a great addition to my experience, as well as I look forward to collaborating with someone from this class.