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Marc Jacobs

Lesson time 04:32 min

Meet Marc. In his first lesson, the CFDA Award-winning designer describes the scope of his class, from inspiration to runway shows, and explains his goal: to inspire, encourage, and enlighten you on your journey in fashion.

Marc Jacobs
Teaches Fashion Design
In 18 lessons, iconic designer Marc Jacobs teaches you his process for creating innovative, award-winning fashion.
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This MasterClass is for you. You, who is interested in fashion for a career, and a life in fashion, or a career in fashion. Or just because, like me, fashion is something that interests you and inspires you, delights you. This MasterClass is for anybody who's ever wondered about what the process of putting a show together is, what putting a collection together is, what the life of a designer is like, what the daily ins and outs of making things, creating things, transmitting ideas through fashion is about. The goal of this class is for me to share with you my experiences to stimulate you to have your own experiences through my experiences. Or through sharing my experiences with you by outlining how my process is, how my thought processes, how my actual processes are in terms of making a collection, putting a collection together, designing clothes, having a show. I think the goal is to enlighten you, and to inspire you, and to encourage you. I will also be discussing in this class how to work with fabrics, the properties of different fibers and different fabrics, conceptualizing an idea, construction techniques. I will be discussing contrasting thoughts and ideas, inspirations, collaborations. I will communicate those ideas by showing you garments on the figure and explaining my thought process, pointing out seams, and details, construction. I will share with you some of my background in terms of education, how I learned about certain things. I will share with you my references towards to art, to music, to style, and culture. And I'll do a lot more talking. There are things that I will discuss that I wish I knew starting out. I couldn't get enough information. I mean, there wasn't enough information in the world for me when I was starting out. I would have loved to have hours of my favorite designer or a designers speaking to me about their process, about what they went through, how they learned about fabric, how they learned about pattern making, how they built a collection, how they put on a show, how they collaborated with others to create and transmit a message and a story. I would have loved that. I'm Marc Jacobs, and this is my MasterClass.

Create your own trends

Marc Jacobs’s infamous grunge collection got him fired. It also won him the CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year Award. In his first online fashion design class, the 11-time CFDA Award winner teaches his hands-on process for creating clothes that push boundaries and set trends. Learn Marc’s construction techniques, how he creates unique shapes and silhouettes, and how you can develop your own ideas from the first sketch to the final piece.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I’ve learned about construction of pieces, different fabrics and how they are used but most important is to always follow your dreams, and do what you love and be inspired by others.

I am another extreme level of fashion appreciation.

Marc is an excellent instructor. He is so clear and passionate and mostly INSPIRING! I will watch this class many times as the information is invaluable. THANK YOU MARC FOR SHARING. This is most generous of you.

I enjoy the insight and instruction from someone who is involved in the fashion industry. I feel like a whole new world has opened up to me.


Madison H.

I cannot wait to learn from such an inspiring person and role model! It is my absolute dream to become a fashion designer and maybe even create my own brand!


What better way to be spending this quarantine period? I feel lucky to be able to listen to what these masters have to share, their wisdom, knowledge and experiences, so we could get inspired and contribute well to the community!. Thank you for this opportunity.Looking forward to great lessons.

Dana-Lee B.

I really enjoyed the energy in the introduction and I'm really looking forward to learning from you. I've been interested in design since I was a child starting with making Barbie clothes from Kleenex to early doll clothes to earn badges in girls clubs. As I've grown I've played with costume creation to clothes for my own children from the early years to adulthood. I'm really excited about learning everything you can teach me. For me, I will be honest, this is a dream. And there is nothing more frightening in life than being on the verge of realizing your dreams. Thank you.

Ezana A.

I'm really excited to learn from the great Marc Jacobs. I've always loved fashion. I have no formal training in fashion design. But I am open to learn.

A fellow student

Hi Everyone! I am so excited to have access to a class like this. I have dabbled in fashion design ever since I was eight. My mom and I started watching project runway together around that time and I picked up sewing so I could try to do some of the challenges they had on the show. As time went on, my career interests leaned elsewhere but I have continued to pursue sewing and designing here and there as a hobby! My biggest challenges are my lack of skill and knowledge when it comes to actual construction. My goal for this class is to learn how to harness my creative energy effectively and how to apply it with a greater understanding of skill/construction. I'm so excited to see what everyone brings to the table! Goodluck everyone!

Jacqueline H.

Hi everyone, I am thrilled to do this class. I don't have any experience in fashion design, but I do know how to sew. I have always been interested in fashion design since I was really young. Sometimes I look up fashion shows on YouTube and watch them for hours. My school doesn't provide any sort of fashion class, so I am so glad that this kind of class is available. I always get stuck at designing my own garments, not just from a pattern that I get from the store. I hope to learn how to bring out my artsy side and create my own garments from Marc Jacobs.

Shanice P.

Hi everyone, really excited to be taking this class. I have been looking for a long time for a course like this. I wasn't able to take a professional class at school due to various reasons, but this is a great platform. I have no background in fashion designing, nor have I taken any professional classes prior to this. My mum used to design and put together her own garments, and I have been wanting to pursue the area ever since. I have always dreamed to have my own line one day, Louis Vuitton being my biggest inspirations. Fortunately, Marc Jacobs is the one conducting these classes, and I am hoping to learn a lot from him. All the best to the rest of you :)


Hi everyone! I am currently studying fashion merchandising at my university and have always been interested in the design aspect so I am excited for this course! Even if I don't end up being the best at design I know this will help me a lot in my future career field!

Darcy H.

Hi Masterclass! I've been interested in fashion for the longest time and am finally starting to get into it. I thought this class would be a good introduction to the world of fashion and I'm hoping to learn a lot from him!

Amanda S.

Hi everyone! So excited to be taking this class. I have no formal training in fashion design, but I do work in the costume department on films, tv, etc. I have made simple articles of clothing, but I am looking to take my experience to the next level!