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Runway Shows

Marc Jacobs

Lesson time 17:08 min

For Marc, it all leads to the runway. Learn Marc's approach for creating an exciting show, including what he looks for in models.

Marc Jacobs
Teaches Fashion Design
In 18 lessons, iconic designer Marc Jacobs teaches you his process for creating innovative, award-winning fashion.
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The runway show is very important to me. It's the sum of everything we've been thinking about throughout the season. It's that place that you can transmit not only ideas about texture, and clothes, and proportion, and shape, but also about emotion, about style, about spirit. And it's also a theatrical experience which, for me, is like what inspires dreams and, again, desire. It's, you know, I don't know. I mean, I've never wanted to be a director or a writer or anything like that. But I imagine a director choosing it's cast, and working with a casting person, choosing a cast to tell a story, put that to music, and costume it. It's like really having that moment where you can gather and collaborate with all the different people you work with on putting all these choices together to tell a story. Clothes are inanimate objects. Accessories or inanimate objects without a life, without the life. They just don't mean very much to me. I mean, they might be beautiful things to look at. But again, it's in the movement of these things, and in the context of a space, or with a concept that they come alive. And so working towards the show, I mean, it makes the choices difficult. But it gives me a goal to work towards, I guess. If we just made a collection to hang in the showroom or if they were just clothes on a rail, I don't think I'd enjoy doing this very much. [MUSIC PLAYING] What makes a great runway show is a surprise, is giving something people don't expect to see. It's that kind of, again, I think, the people I most admire in fashion, the people who regularly attend my shows, what delights them the most is when they come in and they see something that's exciting that they didn't expect. That's fresh. That's new. That's different. Of course, they love fashion. And of course, they love the sort of theatricality of the event. But again, it's something unexpected. It's something they didn't know they were going to see. And I think of fashion as a form of entertainment. I think getting dressed is a form of entertainment. And again, it's something we want. It's not something we need. So you have to inspire. You have to delight. You have to surprise. [MUSIC PLAYING] We think about the runway from the very beginning, although I don't think that's the most important concern in the beginning. As we start working on fabrics and silhouettes, as the accessories become clear, as the look starts to gel in our heads, and we start to fine tune all the little bits and pieces, then comes that thought of like, now what environment do we want this to be seen in. Or how do we further transmit this spirit? And what does that sound like? What does that look like? And how can we do that? You know, sometimes within a bigger budget. Sometimes within a smaller budget. Sometimes to fewer people. Sometimes to many people. ...

Create your own trends

Marc Jacobs’s infamous grunge collection got him fired. It also won him the CFDA Womenswear Designer of the Year Award. In his first online fashion design class, the 11-time CFDA Award winner teaches his hands-on process for creating clothes that push boundaries and set trends. Learn Marc’s construction techniques, how he creates unique shapes and silhouettes, and how you can develop your own ideas from the first sketch to the final piece.


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The details, the dedication, the passion and love he devotes to every of his works is portrayed in these 18 lessons. An Incredible designer and person

The Marc Jacobs class has helped me to pursue what I love and never be afraid to ask questions.

I am not looking to learn the fashion industry but wanted to hear Mr. Jacobs advise as it resonated in many ways for me.

The class helps me improve some thoughts of fashion, and gain some knowledge about runway show. however, I think the class is fit for fashion beginner but intermediate designer.


Martina V.

I am passionate about the theatricality of fashion shows. Performance always exites me and when I think about a collection I immediately think of ideas for a show.

Cristelle S.

Dear MasterClass, Hello. I really liked learning about soundtracks, and modeling from the "Runway Shows" lesson. Thank you "Marc Jacobs Teaches Fashion Design" class. Sincerely, Cristelle Nicole

Pétainguy M.

Here in Brazil, we have inspired creators but European and US models complicate the work ... Gucci turned Pucci, Diesel is here Fuel, etc ... Little bit ridiculous ! Latinos, port and span, have something deeply ridiculous, even in Europe and USA. I am French so I do not have any complexe...

Pétainguy M.

show is public sanction ... first reactions often augure of future. I have never experienced myself and I am too scared that I imagine a permanent collection, like Lacoste, R Laureen, etc ... May be if one day I am a classic a genius young designer will transform my casual work. Just a dream ! Idea people feel good with my work is a gift : just make them forget the clothes and feel natural.

RJane @.

I know an aspiring model who is passionate about fashion and looks. She has to start from the bottom and does menial job.

Zenna Y.

What about models who are not thin? I have to say that being skinny is such a big weapon for looking fashionable... The pieces look totally different when on a skinny model or on an averagely shaped person (and I am not even talking about over-weighted individuals).

Ania P.

Interesting, and as I guess, many people are involved in this show. Yes music has magic power which can screw up performance or add special mood and help to pass the message.

Greg M.

This is something I will definitely attempt. It is so important in fashion to plan and design your runway. It is equally important to be smart in choosing colors and materials to fit the look you are going for.

Jean F.

San Francisco fashion week the response was great now working on a holiday show this class has help me evolve like nothing I would of guessed

Reena Mafaldina D.

After looking at Marc Jacobs Spring 2019 collection on Vogue Runway, I feel motivated to continue with this next class. The clothes look and feel magical. And so does Marc Jacobs in the final photo.