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“Better Than Panettone” Soufflé

Massimo Bottura

Lesson time 19:09 min

Massimo shows you how to transform leftover cakes and sweet breads into a delicious, light soufflé that’s better than the sum of its parts. In this recipe, he uses panettone, an Italian sweet bread with raisins and candied fruit.

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[MUSIC PLAYING] MASSIMO BOTTURA: This is a soufflé recipe you can evolve so many different ways using leftover breads and cakes. And the result is going to be even more delicious than what you started with. When they asked me to create something for Christmas, I always say, let's think about the day after. The day after is the critical point. The day after is the moment in which you throw everything in garbage. But what do you do? You throw ideas in the garbage. You throw culture in the garbage. You throw beautiful food in the garbage. Come on! Shame on you! This is a panettone, the most classic preparation for Christmas. And I never liked it. You know, actually, I liked it but a little bit. Just most of the time was too dry. And when you serve it at Christmas, you have a lot-- a lot of leftover there are even drier. So ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, your critical point of view. How can I restore the soul of the panettone and make it even better? So what we're going to do today, we're going to experiment the way of create a soufflé from a leftover panettone. You're going to be mind blown. You can do this with other kinds of leftover cakes too. You have gingerbread cake. You have carrot cake. You have chocolate muffin. You have cinnamon-raisin bread. You have those kind of preparation. They are kind of-- they're no creamy. There's no cream in there but just pure flavor, pure nostalgic flavor. Leftover cooking, always remember, is an act of love. And you have to treat your food in such a nice way. It's going to answer to you. It's going to talk to you. It's going to-- it's going to hug you and give you so much joy. So we have panettone left over. So what do we do, we put the leftover in a tray. And we dry that in the oven for, like, one hour. So gets really, really dry. And at that point, we powder them with the blender, you know, and create this powder that is pure, amazing, panettone flavor. You have raisin. You have orange. Like-- but this orange that is not orange. It's like confit, like slow-cooked in sugar. You have vanilla. You have caramel. You have toasted flavor, so complex. It's really amazing. Taca, miss-- master, start. Ah! This is a new-- a new beautiful object, total black, with cooking is an act of love. Who said that? Massimo-- Massimo Bottura. I'm sorry. It is me. All right? So first step, you would like the eggs in there. Of course, you're going to find all the proportion in your cooking book. OK? So you put the yolk into the stand mixer. And you add sugar. You incorporate very well. You need to go high speed to incorporate a lot of air for them to get soft and, you know, kind of a ready mix. You can use that mix in your espresso. You know? You're doing this preparation. It's like early afternoon. You are working there, the 26th of December. You have your own coffee after your meal. And what do you do? You go inside as a kid would do with this spoon. You put a s...

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