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Passatelli Part 2: Bread Crumb Pasta

Massimo Bottura

Lesson time 14:16 min

Massimo shows you how he’s evolved his grandmother’s recipe for passatelli, fresh bread crumb noodles that are light and full of umami. The passatelli are served in the “broth of everything.”

Massimo Bottura
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MASSIMO BOTTURA: Now that we have made the broth of everything, we are going to evolve my grandmother passatelli recipes. These fresh breadcrumbs noodle are so intense and tasty. They're a pure flavor. It's a perfect umami. Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello. I'm here again. So I'm back here to talk about something very important that really that I have in my heart and under my skin because I grew up like that. I hate when I see people wasting things. You know, because it's like this-- because it's like you have it or you have it or you don't have it. Culture, knowledge, consciousness, sense of responsibility-- these are four extremely important words. Breadcrumbs-- my grandmother, but also my daughter. My daughter loves to cook with breadcrumbs. And I'll show you her favorite recipes. But also the culture of not waste anything. In our Osteria Francescana, we don't waste anything. The idea that a restaurant-- three-Michelin-star rated the best restaurant in the world-- in the staff meal, we prepare amazing food that like and makes you feel home. Amazing food from what? From all the most crazy preparation we have. And if we can do it, you can do it home. You have to do it because this is a cultural thing. So now, you, everyone is part of this revolution. As was saying, we are the revolution. We can be a voice of change if we are all together. So back to the recipe. Breadcrumbs can be any kind of bread. It has to be dry, but you don't toast it. And kind of fine crumbs. So if it's not like that, you can put it in a blender and make it very fine. Aged cheese. I'm in Modena in the middle of Emilia-Romagna, so I'm using a 36-month Parmigiano-Reggiano. But you are in New York, so you can get like a very good upstate dry cheese from those amazing cheese makers that come every day to the Union Square Market. Buy that cheese, grate it, and use that. And mushroom powder-- this is not part of tradition. This is part of what we are doing now. To make the mushroom powder, you place your mushroom on a baking sheet. We are using porcini, but you can try other varieties too. Then you put them into the oven at 60 degrees Celsius for 12 hours. When the mushroom are completely dry, take them out. And use a blender to transform the mushrooms into an amazing-tasting powder. Then a little pinch of salt, you need it, and three free-range eggs. Your hands are very important in the kitchen. Keep them always clean. Just go under the sink with good soap, wash them very well everywhere, and you know, keep it clean. So this is the right proportion maybe. I don't know. We're going to discover. Taka did it. The best one who make this is my daughter. She's 21. She's studying in Washington DC, and she makes passatelli all the time. They did a pizza party, but they order too much pizza. And there was a lot of leftover pizza, so she called me and she said, what am I going to do with this leftover pizza? We have so much stuff. Ju...

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Rocio T.

He's so funny. The good thing is that he is helping the needy and the poor as well, is not only profit. He is so emotionally connected to people that he had to do something great with this knowledge. Grazzie mille Massimo!


I just love Chef Massimo SO much! He's so in love with transferring his love of food to us, I get emotional just watching him -- I am so happy!

Ramona W.

The Passatelli (fresh bread crumb noodles) are delicious...with the dried mushroom powder and the richness of the broth, you would think you were eating a beef dish...and you are so right about needing muscles to push the dough through the ricer!!!

A fellow student

Would it not be quicker and easier to just buy dried mushrooms, dust them off, and throw them in the blender to make the mushroom powder? I can rarely find fresh porcini in my market but dried are always available, also you don't have to spend the energy to dry them out, they are ready to go. I might try using a 50-50 blend of dried porcini and morel

Terryann B.

Ok wow. I could just feel my grandma telling me the same exact things, she was a fantastic cook and taught me to always use what I had available not to waste anything. You are so right and I have passed the passion of cooking to all three of my sons. Ciao 💋💋

Kelli D.

Love watching and learning from the worlds elite chefs! thank you all for being humble and sharing your knowledge to those with a dream and yearning desire to be great.


This class is so much more than just a cooking class. It's emotional-I really appreciate your passion and energy. Grazie mille!:)

Lidiana P.

yes I'm happy Learning You are the best in the World I'm from Cuba my beautiful Island

Mark S.

I was in Pisa last month and I anted to rent a car and come to see o in Modena and I decided I’ll do it next year, but now I have you all to myself here Molto Grazie Maesro!🙏🏻

Christopher A.

How long will mushroom powder store for future use? Must it be refrigerated, or can I put it in a spice jar on the shelf?