Culinary Arts

“Spin-Painted” Beet

Massimo Bottura

Lesson time 29:46 min

Discover the secret ingredient in this striking vegetarian dish of roasted beets that is inspired by one of Massimo’s favorite artists, Damien Hirst. Its highly versatile sauces can be used in many other meat and vegetable preparations.

Massimo Bottura
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MASSIMO BOTTURA: We're going to teach you how to make a delicious vegetarian dish inspired by one of my favorite artists. The sauces in this recipe can be used in all kind of meat and vegetable dishes. You're going to want to use them everywhere. I'm back. Actually, we are back. Right? Today we're going to show you how to make a vegetarian dish. It's going to be called beautiful spin painted psychedelic beet, not flame grill. We're going to present it in aesthetic way as Damien Hirst, one of my favorite artists, is using color in the spin painting. And we're going to give the perception of your palette of eating grilled red beet. Actually, the red beet is not grilled, but it's just lightly smoked and cooked roasted in the oven. So first of all, we have to cook the beet. We have to prepare the beet. We're going to use like two foil like this. We're going to put the beet in the middle. And we're going to put salt in there, a little bit of extra virgin olive oil. We're going to wrap the beet, close the foil, and we're going to cook in the oven two hours on 200 degrees. We're going to burn them. All right? First of all, we need to roast the red pepper for 40 minutes at 180 degrees. Once we have the red pepper roasted, we're going to put in a bowl. And then we're going to close the bowl with plastic wrap. And we're going to leave it. At that point, we're going to open the bowl. And we're going to start peeling. And the skin is going to come out very, very easily, you know? Like that. And in a very easy way, you're going to clean them from the skin. We do this to discovering the perfect flavor of roasted red pepper sauce. We just to clean from every single things then can really alterate the flavor. And the skin can really gives you some bad taste that is not what we wanted. And also it's not digestible. So when I say that the chef is using the technique and the knowledge for the ingredients to let the ingredient express himself, it's just for this reason. Taka clean the red pepper, but it's just pure water, like hot water, to clean the pepper from all these seeds and leftover from the imperfection of the skin. Taka is cutting with his knife that is a vegetable knife. And he's cutting filet because we're going to create the sauce. It is very, very easy sauce. But most of the time, this solution for your problem are in a simplicity, because it's very, very important. Sometimes you get crazy on find incredible technique that you don't go anywhere. OK. Taka is putting in a pan the pulp of the pepper with all the juices. Don't do like that like Taka does, because if you have a very sharp knife, going this direction close to your hand, you can cut yourself very easily, because when the knife is very sharp. You have to be a professional to do that kind of stuff. So help with some spatula or something. And you can do it and get all the juices in there. Then we're going to add a couple of spoons of vinegar. I sai...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Amazing class! I am not throwing away any leftover vegetables. I can’t wait to cook the broth and everything else. I enjoyed every single lesson. Thank you 🙏

This class is absolutely amazing, the best to wake up the creativity. The passion transmited by Massimo is one of a kind. Simply great.

Loved the passion from Massimo and his teaching method. I loved the way (so clean and nice) it was filmed and presented. Will watch it over and over again to learn more and try every recipe!

It's fantastic watching the master and having him share his passion and secrets with us.


Ramona W.

Wow! The 'Spin-Painted Beet' dish was so beautiful and delicious....took a while to accomplish all of the steps, but I made the homemade Garlic Powder, Rosemary Powder and Smoked Olive Oil. My husband fired up the pit, just for the small amount of oil that I needed to smoke. But not to worry, I had a Steak handy to put on the pit! I can't eat red beets, but can and love Golden Beets, so I substituted them. I had an orange bell pepper along with the red and yellow, so I added orange to my canvas. The herb sauce, I used fresh basil, mint and parsley from my garden. And with the leftover roasted potato sauce, I added to some mashed potatoes and made potato pancakes. This is a piece of art and I will add it to a dinner party to wow them!

Rocio T.

I always get hungry when I tune in.... Delicious, looks so creamy and fresh and delicious... thanks Taka, it's so funny to see the interaction of these two, one so serious and quiet and then Massimo is up to the max all over the place... what a great team!

Alexandra A.

Mr Massimo, Can you make another series on master class please.... I still want to learn more from you :) Alexandra


He is a talented and jovial guy, but I really do not like how he sometimes talks to his Sous Chef.

Vu N.

Didn't use a chinois but a tami., seems to have worked because it resulted in the most professional sauces I've ever made in my life.

Gabriela L.

I like the dramatic speech of Massimo. It focuses our attention on what he's teaching. By the way, one chef once told me that we shouldn't use rings when we're cooking because is unclean. But I notice that Massimo's sous chef is using one. Is it really allowed in professional kitchens?

Gabrielle F.

Massimo I absolutely adore you, but I am so distracted by your silent sous chef Kata (spell?) His facial expressions are absolutely comically adorable.

Giselle C.

His energy, passion and enthusiasm is so wonderful and contagious! It makes me smile! Let's create and enjoy!Thank you Massimo!!!!


That looks beautiful! His passion and enthusiasm are infectious, I'd travel the earth to eat his creations...

Jean C.

I am getting a massive amount of enjoyment out of this class!!!! I can't wait to finish so I can watch it all over again!! Bravo!!