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Bonus: The Story Behind Two Dishes From Osteria Francescana

Massimo Bottura

Lesson time 14:31 min

Massimo shares how he came up with the recipes for two signature dishes served at Osteria Francescana—The Crunchy Part of the Lasagna and Mediterranean Sole—and demonstrates how they each come together as final plates.

Massimo Bottura
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MASSIMO BATTURA (VOICEOVER): At Osteria Francescana, everything we think, see, and learn gets squeezed into our cuisine. It take consciousness, vision, and intuition to create the recipe. It takes faith. You are challenging yourself. Each time is like the first over and over and over again. [MUSIC PLAYING] - Guys, let's step to the craziness and the confusion and the chaos in my mind, creativity. So what we do everyday in Osteria Francescana, we ask ourselves question-- the most crazy question. And we give answer to those questions. How can we rejoined spaghetti and bolognesa sauce after traveling all over the world and found this spaghetti bolognesa sauce, and bolognesa sauce doesn't match with spaghetti? So the only answer is transform the spaghetti into tagliatelle, but we already show you. Or the lasagna is another way to do that. So what we did is like, we create spaghetti and tomato, spaghetti and Parmigiano-Reggiano, spaghetti and fresh herbs. And once we were ready, we put it in a blender. And we create three different dough-- put together as an Italian flag and roll it as it was pasta. Right? Then we cut it in rectangles, shape them like this. And we dehydrate them very, very slow. At this point, we fried them. Then we smoke them. And at last things, we burn them, as to transform spaghetti and tomato, spaghetti and Parmigiano, spaghetti and fresh herbs into the crunchy parts of the lasagna, because we were unhappy just with the classic lasagna. The classic lasagna is not an emotional dish. It's the crunchy part of the lasagna that is the emotional part of the dish. You know, it's me to share with the word that the joy of a kid and during their lunch, like Sunday lunch, when the grandmother brings the big pan of the lasagna to fight with the older brother to eat the crunchy parts of the lasagna. The rest is for the adults. They want to eat a lot. But for us, it's all about eating emotions. And there's nothing more emotional than the crunchy part of the lasagna. So once you transform the Italian flag into the crunchy part of the lasagna-- smoked and burn and very soft-- we're going to finish the dish like this. This is the bolognesa sauce that is going to put on the top on the-- you're going to plate at the bottom of the plate. Then we're going to add a little bit of Bechamel, so it's like-- but very, very light, because Bechamel is usually too heavy. So we put in the siphon. And we charge it with the double charge of gas. And we're going to serve it at 60 degrees. Or so it's like, warm and softer. And with a little touch of nutmeg to evoke nostalgia, please, Mr. Kondo. And then you finish with the crunchy part of the lasagna. So this is what we do everyday in Osteria Francescana. People are traveling from all over the world. Of course, with the good food, we are a three Michelin star. But it's much more than that. It's about feeding people with emotions. [MUSIC PLAYING] It...

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The best place to start is at the beginning - well done!

It is a pleasure to see Massimo's passion for life. Well worth the price of admission! Thank you!!

A True Master Chef that is taking his time to share his knowledge and experience. You inspire me to become an even better chef after learning for these lessons. Thank you!

Love Massimo's positive energy and passion!


A fellow student

Ciao Massimo, I love you and Marta Pulini so, so, so, much! Would be nice to see a cooking class with her and Take too, of course! GREAT GREAT CLASSES! Gioia : )

Susan T.

Its amazing, and Chef Massimo has transformed my love of cooking into a special deeper passion - loving every lesson.

Jeff S.

I loved Massimo's passion and the way he used language to describe flavors and approaches. Really inspired and inspiring recipes!

Susie D.

Loved everything about this class offered by Massimo Bottura. the last class where he shared the recipes from his restaurant .... loved his comments incorporating creativity and the Italian painter. Great class.

Marjorie D.

I absolutely loved Massimo and his passion in every lesson! Very inspiring and i want to meet this dynamic creative person!

Wendy R.

I enjoyed it very much. I found it useful and inspiring and most of all entertaining. I will begin trying to make some of these dishes and see if I can improve the ones I already make.

Noëlle F.

I am a very fan of Massimo Bottura, he is so passionate about what he does that is really contagious. In these days we are living, food is a privilege and most people that it for granted, he values the filosofy of waste zero and that is priceless. For me particulary the greatest lesson he give us is to embrace the good in life and share. He did not got his Michelin Stars and got encapsuled in this fancy enviroment, he spread his sucess with everyone. His class is not just about recipes and food, his class in the way he passes his knowlegde and experiences is a lesson for life. Two decades ago I had an acident and lost the smell and taste, so for me it is challenge to get the subtleties of flavours, but in these classes with Massimo he sent me back in time and in my memory I could swear I was "feeling" the aromas it was been described. Congratulations for this amazing Master Class. P.S. The dog.... a beutiful touch.

A fellow student

E molto interessante per me “ paper” ma non ho capito bene “ il process” e tipo di carta .

Ricardo J.

Your passion for food is really contagious, loved this masterclass, Thank You.

Ines S.

This Master Class lesson is as delightful and savory as the recipe. I truly enjoy Massimo Bottura's teaching style. You can't help but to be moved and inspired by his contagious creativity and eloquence. I've been thinking about the range of tastes and flavors in this recipe and there is something, regarding the Umami taste, that's not clear to me. Do each sauce have to be umami on its own or, is the sum of taste of each sauce that builds up the umami taste of the dish? If someone can explain this to me, I would much appreciate it.