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Passatelli Part 1: Vegetarian “Broth of Everything”

Massimo Bottura

Lesson time 13:41 min

Zero-waste cooking is one of Massimo’s guiding principles in the kitchen. Massimo demonstrates how a vegetarian brodo di tutto (“broth of everything”) makes beautiful use of vegetable scraps.

Massimo Bottura
Teaches Modern Italian Cooking
Massimo Bottura teaches you his take on traditional Italian cooking—from risotto to tortellini—and shares techniques for reimagining your own recipes.


MASSIMO BOTTURA (VOICEOVER): Broth is one of the best way to add layers of flavor in your cooking. This vegetarian broth, the brodo di tutto, is going to be delicious with the passatelli, the bread crumbs noodle we are going to make in the next chapter. And we're going to make everything with ingredients most people would just throw away. [MUSIC PLAYING] - Hello! I was hiding behind the pan. But it wasn't hot. We start with cold water. Today, we're going to start with cold water, because we have to extract all the flavor from what-- nothing? Maybe something? Yes. We're going to explore what is the meaning of the word, everything. Everything is such a powerful word that, you know-- but you have to know how to manage everything, because there's a big risk of create something crazy if you don't know how to manage. So you have to follow me exactly and listen what I have to say-- open your ears, open your eyes and follow us, OK? That's extremely important then. So Taka, ecco! Give a big applause to my sous chef. Bravo, Taka. Thank you. OK, so what do we have here? We have potatoes, pastinaca, like, , onion, red beet. But also, the skin of the potatoes-- this is part of the-- of what we have to do today-- a broth, actually, an extraction, a of everything. So, for example, you are there. And you need to cut some onion. And you cook some onion-- maybe bake it-- maybe to prepare, you know, is onion soup. Please, Taka, open the onion. You open it, and you put it in the middle of the things. This is what you're going to use. This is where you start. Do you think this is something to throw away? Yeah, it's something to throw away. For people-- they're blind. They don't have your amazing vision. So this potato skin-- this is cold. Why? Because through our knowledge, we are going to give life again to that. As a magician, you know, 3, 2, 1-- go-- we need to toast them. We need to punch them to get life from them. It's about what do you have-- what you imagine. We have this. And we're going to do it with this. I think about you forget some mushrooms in the darkness corner of your refrigerator. You're going to rescue them, slice them, put it in the pan with everything else. And they're going to match perfectly, because this is an autumn broth of everything. [MUSIC PLAYING] You're going to leave in the oven the night before. You're going to keep the oven at 65. You don't consume anything, because it's like-- if you keep the oven closer, you know, it stays there. 65-- you wake up in the morning for, like, 30 minutes in 180, 190 degrees Celsius. And you give a carmelization. Look how beautiful and brown and expression of what it is, the autumn flavor-- look-- and also smells amazing. Oh, my god, it's so beautiful and so different-- one from the other. At this point, ready to go into a cold water. Ah, bellissimo-- so good-- so good. It's very important what I said before-- be open...

Reimagine your cooking

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Outstanding international cuisine class. Great p.o.v. on various Italian cultural tastes and regional favorites, Thoroughly enjoyed the instruction.

Trusting your own palate, likes and history with food to become the best cook you can be - your own cook who can create amazing meals without a cookbook but just using what's in season and available locally.

Could be my favorite Cooking Class on MC. Massimo is magnificent. The use of very slow cooking in the oven is interesting. LOVED his class and Taka was so well learned and seemed a master too. Grazie~!

So much fun and instructive. Please have Bottura offer more classes.


Daniel L.

I have made this three times and goes so well with a Kimchi soup I make! The first time I made it, it burned though. Massimo says to go to 150 degrees to 'dehydrate' but my oven only goes down to 170. So when I took it out, my brussel sprouts were a little burnt. And then the 30 minute caramelization part at the end burned some of my other ingredients like the carrots. So if your oven doesn't go down to 150 I would recommend skipping the 30 minute caramelization part, that worked well for me. And the simmer is verrrrrry slow; it's an extraction, not a reduction, so if the simmer is too high it will reduce. If you're having difficulties achieving the slow simmer, put a lid on the pot. This will help retain the water in the broth so you're extracting flavor and not reducing the amount of your broth. I love that I can save my shavings. Last time I used artichoke leaves, onion, scallion and carrot. Thanks Massimo! #Inspired


Love the way he teaches, you can feel his passion for cooking. I learned so much about complex flavors, I'll never buy chicken broth in the store again!

Daniela F.

This man is an extraordinary chef. He expresses such a passion for cooking that you cannot help listening to him enchanted and then run to the kitchen and trying to reproduce what he does, bringing your "personal touch" too. Beautiful master class

Susan R.

This is so fun. So fantastic - especially during lockdown when we often have to make the best with what we have at home ... and whatever our cooking skills or education. (Mine, nil). My palate (and that of my family) exceeds what I'm able to make at home for the most part... Until now. I love how he teaches and brings the whole experience to lively animation. I never thought cooking could be fun. It's also nice to learn how to not depend on a recipe so much. I'm so looking forward to this. Thank you!!

Beth B.

How would you prep for freezer? Quantity would have to be at least a cup. I do know when broths are made, a freezer is the best place for them. So freeze in a container and remove and put back in freezer?

A fellow student

i don't understand what the guy isn't doing the chopping and putting things into the pot. Too important, is he?

A fellow student

The dedication and love for amazing food.. is just so wonderful to see! Has anyone tried using this vegetable broth as a base for ramen?

Daniel A.

The leftovers in the oven were smelling so good until 1 hour! But after 1.5h thing started to get burnt and got ruined. How can he cook them for 8 hours without burning them? Maybe opening and closing the oven doesnt help? Did we miss the baking sheet? Set the oven to heat only from above? Clearly we did something wrong. However, we did the passatelli with the chicken broth from the tortellini (we froze some one week ago) and it was so good!

Ioanna-Elena M.

Massimo, I love you! You are an extraordinary, humorous and deep soul. Thank you for sharing with us. Your love and energy is contagious. And by the way, I love it when you share your spoon with Taka and couldn’t care less if you double dip!

Rose D.

This was great. At first I thought, oh a veggie broth--skip! But soooo glad I did not. Now I know what to do with those occasionally forgotten veggies in the fridge.