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Tortellini Part 2: Dough, Filling, and Assembly

Massimo Bottura

Lesson time 14:09 min

Some special guests join Massimo to help make a very traditional tortellini dough and filling. Learn how to assemble this essential Emilia-Romagna dish.

Massimo Bottura
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[MUSIC PLAYING] - Now that we show you how to make the broth and the cream sauce, I'm going to bring in some more special guests to help us make the tortellini. This is the essence of Emilia-Romanga. This is tradition. [MUSIC PLAYING] Chicken broth, parmigiano-reggiano creamy sauce, but what we are missing? We are missing the tortellini. And who better than two rezdore, as we call in Modena, like the lady of the house. They are the one, they really know how to roll pasta by hand are here with us, and they're going to show you what we can do with pasta. So here we have Angela and Katya from the Foundation San Nicola in Castelfranco Emilia, just 10 kilometers from Modena. And their purpose is to keep alive the tradition, the tradition of make tortellini by hand. Because it's time to rediscover, to focus on and keep alive this kind of heritage from centuries and centuries that our grandmother, the grandmother of our grandmother, transferred to us. So we're going to have one that is going to show you how to make the dough and one that-- voila-- she's going to roll the dough that we are going to use to make tortellini. Let's start. You're going to put like 300 grams of flour and create a fountain in which you're going to put two yolk and the two eggs. Then, when you have that, you're going to go with your fork, and you're going to mix and add the flour a little bit at a time. Keep the eggs inside. I want to show you something that is extremely important. Roll. Look how bubbly this pasta is. That means it's really well done. The more bubbly, the more you mix it and you incorporate air when you create the dough. So my grandmother was always say, when the pasta is really well made, it's already half rolled. It's [SPEAKING ITALIAN] - [SPEAKING ITALIAN] - Right. She said, right. I'm translating. When the eggs are really well incorporated, now she's put all the flour and add the rest of the flour. So in the beginning, she didn't put all 300 grams but just 250 because sometimes the flour is absorbing more than usual. Sometimes the eggs are bigger. You see how she does? Usually, when you have to do a lot of big quantity, you cut it in the middle, and you split in two. One does this, and one does the other. So it's going like this. When this part of the end, like this, and so you do like this. And for big quantities, it's much easier. And then, at one point, you mix the two. When we were kids, we were making 20, 25 eggs of tortellini every Sunday. And it was for the big family. Actually, there were never enough. Because when you have pasta, you just want to eat pasta, you know? You see here, she did a very good job. You see all that bubbly everywhere. So she's incorporate air. But now, this dough need to rest. So we cover it, and we let him rest for half an hour. You see how practice. She's rolling pasta very well. And she's using her body to keep the pasta close to the board and to make them thinner. She's very good. Yo...

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Develop a winning morning routine to start an exceptional day. I start every day with MasterClass (usually 2 lessons). Bottura exudes passion and joy. That starts every day well. One of the top 5 MasterClasses, which speaks volumes because so many are fabulous. Translating MasterClass ideas into everyday life enriches our world. And I'm sure more great classes are on the way.

What an absolute treat this class was. Bravo!

Mr Bottura's passion is contagious and the way he explores tastes opens up new ways in the kitchen. Just wish I could afford a meal at Osteria Francescana!

Massimo is electric! Loved the passion. Loved this class.


Russell C.

since eggs vary by weight, it is more appropriate to give the recipe for the pasta using grams. also, the instructions say to split the 600 grams of flour in half. fine. but then what about the eggs? not clear. normally the ratio for flour to egg is 9/5. is that what is being stated here?

Mirka G.

This stopped in the middle and crashed my computer :( tried again - I love the philosophy that ANYONE and EVERYONE can make tortellini. Manga tuti!!!!! Bravo Massimo!

Paula T.

I'm excited about trying these recipes!! I love the way the teacher uses the help of other people making them feel also very important in all process. Thank you!

John M.

Wonderful to see gentlemen with special needs participating in the tradition of tortellini making!!


I love chef Bottura's positivity and enthusiasm. I can't stop watching his lessons. Great job, chef! as well as everyone who helped him:)

Ramona W.

The Tortellini in Rich Broth and Parmigiano Cream Sauce, was delicious! We couldn't decide which dish we liked better, and kept going back and forth between the 2 dishes. Yesterday I made the broth and today I tackled the grinding the meat filling and making the pasta. Finally filling the tortellini, forming them and sealing each one was time consuming, but once I got the hang of it, it was so rewarding. And then to complete the well worth the extra effort...the richness of the broth with the little tortellini, was a light bite with the richness of the filling and just enough salt. The other dish was a totally different profile with the richness of the Parmigiano Cream Sauce with a bite of the tortellini was so creamy and cheesy...then you go back and take a spoonful of the tortellini in the broth and back again.

Juliana F.

Enchanted with how much love you have for this art! Your eyes smile while telling the family stories!


This section made my day. Thank you Massimo for having these young men help you teach. I love you for this. And we already loved you.

Luca C.

Chef, a volte il glutine rende la pasta gommosa, con memoria. Rimane elastica. Quando la tiro, tende a ritirarsi un poco, cosi la avvolgo in pellicola e la faccio riposare almeno 6 ore in frigorifero, prima di tirarla. Uso 100% 00 Caputo e buone uova. Ha altri consigli per eliminare quella elasticita'? Grazie Chef

A fellow student

When my table top is not big enough to roll a whole dough, can I split the dough into smaller bits to roll one at a time?