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Building the Right Team

Reba McEntire

Lesson time 8:26 min

When it comes to the music business, you need the right people around you. Learn how to build your team, choose a manager, and kick off your singing career.

Reba McEntire
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Reba teaches her approach to making great country music and navigating the business in 21 video lessons.
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What's really important in your business is to have a great team in your family life, personal, and your business. You can't do it all. I don't know anybody who would want to. I sure don't want to do it all. When I first got started in this music business, I knew absolutely nothing about it. And I relied on friends and people who were new to me, but I took an instant liking to. So, I trusted them. And then when I'd ask advice, I mean, I believed what they said. And thank god they were telling me the truth and it was great advice. Now, not everybody is like that. And not everybody is as lucky and blessed as I was to have people that cared about me and who were truly honest with me. I like to work with people who are fun, creative, honest, and loyal. People who you want to go out and have dinner with. People that you would go on vacation with, even. But they love to work. And they're always-- they're dependable. You know when they say they're going to do something, they're going to do it. And I try to be the same way with them. When I tell them I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it. I've been working with people for many years, since 1984, that are still with me. And we're working hard, having a good time, and talking about great memories of things we used to do in the '80s, '90s, and 2000. And here we are in 2016, just still having a blast together. [MUSIC PLAYING] To me, a good manager is one that has your best interest at heart, that's very interested in your talent, believes in you, and wants you to have a great time, and really watches over the things that are happening with your career, whether it's television, movies, concerts-- but also guides you to make sure that those right decisions are made. I think you need to look for a new manager when the interest is not there anymore. You don't feel like a priority. You feel like you're doing the same thing over and over and there's nothing new happening. If you feel neglected. I wanted my own individual agent. And my manager said, you know, that's just not the way-- we don't do it like that. OK. So, mental note to myself. One of these days, that's what I want. The reason I asked for that is because they had booked me in an arena. And now, this is middle 80s. And when we got to the arena and performed, it was a 17,000-seat arena, and we had about 1,700 people show up. And it looked like soundcheck. And I said, that's why I said I will my own agent to be representing me. And they said, we don't do it like that. Yeah, but if I had one agent, they would've known not to book me in an arena. I can't fill that. I can't even halfway fill that. And so that's when I started seeing that there is a better way of doing things. And I knew it was right for me to make the change. And so that's when I let my manager go. I divorced m...

For Love of Country

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I have taken away some amazing points on stage technique and will immediately start to apply them. There truly was not one thing that was not relevant to the country music industry, all the information is invaluable. I will be watching again.

I'm actually not a country musician, but it's important to me to be open-minded and see what others can offer. I really enjoyed this class. It has given me inspiration to keep trying, practicing and, hopefully, moving forward. Thank you, Reba. You are wonderful!

Reba taught me about performance mostly, and about the business. I gained valuable information about how to perform to the best of my ability and how to approach the industry. Thank you very much, Reba McEntire, for taking the time to show everyone how it's done. I look forward to joining you on stage someday. Until then, may your days be long and all your joys complete!

Reba is a real country artist, she has a lot of experience and talent! She gave us great advice and it was really interesting to know more about her own adventures in​ her career. I am thankful for everything that I've learned in this class.


Margaret M.

Re the workbook for this chapter: the overview link for standard job descriptions in the music business isn't working. My list of people who support me is short but 100% trustworthy. They really believe in me. My list of things I don't know how to do yet is long--all the web stuff, basically.

Michelle K.

This has been a great course all together. I love the info that Reba is giving us. Exactly what I was looking for and hoping for and she has delivered Above and beyond

Kaitlyn T.

Great advice. I really feel this class is helping me and so many other people, so much!


This class is very practical. Things Reba says is really what is needed in our everyday life, not just in our careers in music. Reba is genuine and kind hearted I see that in her. A very savvy woman, experienced and knowledgeable in this business. Great advice.


Ah, so true! Find the people you can really trust. It's rare, but they are there. Thanks Reba again.

Kimberly S.

Good guts and luck. But being ready to stand and deliver helps a heap. Good people attract good people.

A fellow student

Gary Thomas Washougal WA Use good sense and discernment, Reba basically says.

Faith A.

Great advice. I agree you need to surround yourself with people you can trust.

Joe T.

I have had to learn this lesson the hard way at least 3 times in my life. The first was when I was still in high school but pursuing a career in music more heavily than I am now. We hired a manager that, when we were at this appointment or the next where she should have been focused in on promoting me, she was trying to promote her other clients and also HERSELF. Fired! The second was with an independent record label out of Hendersonville, TN., whom I won't name here. They'd gotten hold of one of my demos or showcase videos and contacted me. The deal was to cut two songs by their publishing company, which would then be released to radio. We cut the songs - I was never happy with the lead vocal on either of them, but they assured me it was fine. Oh, did I mention that the money for this came out of my Grandparent's pockets? Yep, and guess what? No radio play, and the only thing I had to show for it was a huge 24 track master tape with the songs on it. The next came when I was hooked up with what used to be a prominent mover and shaker within Nashville music circles. Again, I won't mention any names, but this guy had an extensive career, and he was even the engineer on several of Barbara Mandrell's biggest hits. The agreement with him was to cut an entire album to pitch to labels in Nashville with the help of a promotions person whom he also put me in touch with. Again, the money game from my Grandparents, God rest them. So, we cut 10 songs, two of which were the songs I'd done for the previous company. I had the 24 track master, so we re-recorded the lead vocals on both. Nothing was ever pitched to any companies, and all I have to show for it is a bunch of cassette tapes of the collection. This was the late 1990's. Not sure why we agreed to the mass production of cassettes. The first two times, I was numb to the gut feeling that should have told me to get the hell out of Dodge. The final time, I was so desperate to break into the business that I didn't listen to that voice and later came to regret it. That's also why I haven't really followed through with trying to make it, I allowed the situation to get me down. One of the good things about this MasterClass with Reba is that it's giving me the confidence to go out and try it again. I'll always be grateful to her for that.

Scott M.

I would love to get to the point where I thought I needed a management team... I know that with where I am right now, I schedule my band practices and gigs, I handle all the social media for my 51 followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I deal with all the technical issues with equipment, and whatever else comes along, with help from my wife, who supports me 110% in my choice to follow this journey wherever it takes me. I hope to get to the point where I am able to run it like a business, but at the same time, still enjoy and love what I do. Even with where I am at now, it is ALOT of work.