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Student Workshop: Emily

Reba McEntire

Lesson time 07:23 min

Case Study: Sometimes being different in the country music industry is good.

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Hey, Emily. Hello. How are you doing? I'm doing great. Have a seat. All right. Wonderful. So your first time to the Grand Ole Opry? My first time. This is exciting. Yeah. So what are you going to play for me? I'm going to play a song called "Wild Boy." "Wild Boy," did you write it? I did. By yourself? By myself. Do you have your own publishing? I do not. Oh. Yeah. That might be a thing you start-- Looking into. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Because not only an artist has to be an artist to be creative, she also has to take care of business. OK? Exactly. Yeah. All right, let me here what you've got. All right, here we go. (SINGING) Oh, wild boy, can I take you home? We'll settle down and talk about what makes a place a home. Where do you run when freedom calls? Oh, wild boy, how do you live without a roof and four square walls? Oh, vagabond, will you marry me? Why do you hold the secrets of your heart under lock and key? Oh, I could make you dinner every night and give you what you don't know you need just so and just right. Oh, wild boy. Heart of gold, eyes of blue. Oh, wild boy. How I adore my wild, wild. Oh, wild boy, can you take me home? Oh, landing in one place doesn't mean that you're not free to roam. The wind will always be your call. So go on, boy, east or west, oh, I don't mind at all. Oh, wild boy. Heart of gold, eyes of blue. Oh, wild boy. How I adore my wild, wild boy. Oh. Wild boy. How I adore my wild, wild boy. Love that. Thank you. Where'd you get the idea to have the-- the lyrics are great, but the melody is so unusual. Thank you. I like it a lot. You know, I was falling in love with a wild boy. Yeah. And was sitting up in my room, and it was like the butterfly fluttery feeling that was just there, so. That's great. So what happened with the wild boy? Well, wild boys are great until they're not. Yep. And then they go away, thank God. Yeah. So God bless him. Yeah. Yeah. But he's gone. OK. Well, got a good song out of it. Yeah, I know. I got about seven. Oh, excellent. Excellent. Yeah. How do you consider yourself, what category? I don't even like to be put in a corral and categorized, but-- Like, genre-wise, or? Mhm. I call myself groovy-- I like that. Yeah, groovy Americana, with a very, very deep love for twang. Yeah. Oh my gosh, I love that. So you know, I grew up on country music. And that history is just kind of woven into me. But I also like a groove, and a little bit of sassiness. Well, I like that you're so different. Yeah, thank you. Totally different from anything I've heard in a long, long time. Yeah, thank you. And you can't be a cookie cutter in this business. So you defin...

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