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Reba McEntire

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Reba warmly welcomes you to the world of country music. As your teacher, Reba kicks off her MasterClass by sharing an early story about her father, what you will be learning, and what she hopes you will take away from her class.

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Your female artist of the year is-- And the favorite female country artist is-- And the entertainer of the year is-- Reba McEntire! Reba McEntire! Reba McEntire! Reba McEntire! It's the giving back that heals your heart, that makes it all so much better. I really can't remember the first time I fell in love with country music. I've always listened to it. I do remember one time we were driving in the car to Nashville to go to Grand Ole Opry from Oklahoma. And David Houston's song Almost Persuaded came on the radio. And Daddy was driving and I was sitting right behind him. And he said, Reba. Yes, Sir? What do you think about that song? And you for Daddy to ask you a question like that, that's an adult question. And I wasn't that old. And I said, I like it, praying to God that was the right answer. I had huge ambitions, but what everybody had already done before, that's what I wanted to do. I thought you just had a song on the radio and you became famous. And you got a bus and you're rich and you got a big house. That's not the way it happened. At least not for me. It was a lot of hard work and a lot of years. But during those years of learning, that was the best part, that I did get to learn and I did get to meet a lot of people along the way who taught me. I wanted to do a MasterClass because when I'm doing interviews, people will say man, you need to teach class on this. You've been in the business so long and you've seen so many different things. It would really help young kids out getting in the business to know what to do and what not to do. And so I thought I could add a little help here and there. There's still one thing that works no matter what decade you're trying to break into the music business. You got to get in with the right people. You've got to get somehow to the fans and build a fan base. You've got to work hard and find the song that's very successful for you. Singing ability is another very, very big important factor of being successful in the music business. Performance. Are you comfortable being on stage? That's very important. You're going to be in front of a lot of people. Are you comfortable with that? Charm, your presence. When you do get on stage, can you smile and look at the entire audience when you're performing? I will be communicating with you through stories, examples, some of my experiences. Fun times, sad times, mistakes that I've made. And I hope that you can learn from them. I hope that when you get through listening to MasterClass that you will go out and apply these suggestions and methods that I have done in my career to your own career. And I hope you have fun trying them out, experimenting with them, adding to them. And if it works real well and it works and succeeds for you, I'd love to hear about it. I'm Reba McEntire...

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You know her songs. Her Oklahoma charm. Now learn directly from Reba in her first-ever online class. Join her as she records a never-before-heard song, creates a new acoustic version of Fancy, breaks down her hits, and delivers emotional performances on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. This is more than a music class. This is Reba's life, business, and country music MasterClass.

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Reba McEntire

Reba teaches her approach to making great country music and navigating the business in 21 video lessons.

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