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Creating a Visual Brand

Reba McEntire

Lesson time 07:36 min

Reba’s look has changed throughout her career. Watch as Reba breaks down the decision behind every look, and why it’s important to have a visual brand.

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Topics include: Being Comfortable • Sex Appeal • Reba's Looks Through the Years


It was baby steps to how I evolved my style, my look. I started with absolutely no knowledge at all about how to look. I mean, I fixed my own hair. I did my own makeup. And it's basically buddies, friends, saying, oh, you look good tonight. I'm like, OK, let's try to duplicate that. And then my good friend Sheri McCoy that I went to college with started doing my hair to Sandy coming in and doing my hair, me still doing my own make up, to Brett Friedman and Neil Robertson to doing my hair and makeup, giving me a different look, me having the faith in them to do what they think looked best on me. And I'm so glad that I let them go with it. That's going back to letting people do what they do best and giving them free rein. A lot of times, I'll say, oh, that's not me. Oh, let's try it. OK, let's go for it. I think what's so important about getting a visual brand for yourself is to be comfortable with it. Make sure that's something you like. And if you're not comfortable with your look and your brand and you walk out on stage, you're going to be thinking about that instead of your music and projecting and performing. So you have to be very comfortable, confident, and assured that dang, I look good. This is me. You have to be true to the brand. And it's your brand. It's really important when you are first getting started, try to find your look. Get with a hairdresser, a stylist, somebody you like. And if they start showing you clothes that you go, oh, yeah, now that's me inside. If you get with somebody and they're showing you stuff that is outlandish and you're like, oh, my gosh, I wouldn't be caught dead in that, that's the wrong stylist. So your look is your look. And if it's not working for you, change it. Because there's nothing worse than staying with a look and identity that's not you and you don't feel good with. I think sex appeal is really good. My kind of image is tough sexy. It's sexy with kind of a tough attitude. But sex appeal is wonderful. Sex appeal is very important. It gets people's attention. You just need to know how far are you need to go. It's a personal thing. Not very far for me. I'm comfortable at a medium level. But some people can go very far-- evidently, I went very far on my red dress on the CMA award show. But that wasn't intentional. But sex appeal is-- you've got to look nice. You've got to look confident. And sometimes feeling sexy, confident, you just got to know your level and where you're comfortable with that. Here are some pictures from the past that I can show you some different looks of the Reba McEntire look. With the picture at the national finals rodeo, that's me, bare bones, doing it myself. And then it evolved a little bit more with somebody else doing my hair, and then changing the look. Getting a stylist-- I'll never forget ...

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