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Student Workshop: Trevor

Reba McEntire

Lesson time 9:50 min

Case Study: How to improve eye contact during your performance.

Reba McEntire
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Hey, Trevor. How are you doing, Reba? Doing great. Come on in. Good to see you. Yes, ma'am. There you go. Hop right up there. How you feeling today? I'm feeling good. I'm feeling nervous, but good. Well, I don't blame you. Look where you are. Look right behind there. I know. It's crazy. I remember sitting right there the first time I ever came here. Yeah. First time I was here, I was way up at the top, watching the award show. Yeah. Yeah, loved it. Years ago. It's crazy. Crazy. God paves our ways for us. So-- Doesn't he though. --I'll sit here and then live the life he gave me and be happy about it. Yeah. Good deal. I'm glad to be here. What are you going to sing for me? It's a song called Drive By, one I wrote a while back. I was being in love with a girl that kind of was in love with somebody else-- Oh boy. --and that whole story. Build up the courage to go tell her, and you think you're ready to do it. And then you get there, and you run away. Oh. Let me hear it. I can't wait. (SINGING) Another Friday night. I'm here with you. You try it all till you get it right, brand new and worn-in shoes. A dinner date for two with your favorite wine. Five stars, three dollar signs just to get to know you. Three knocks, and he's at the door. I can hear your heels across the floor. I can tell you're nervous and torn. Oh, but I can't tell you anymore. So I'll shake his hand and look him right in the eye. And I'll tell her he's good enough. Lord, please forgive that lie. It's not that far , and I can't back down to another guy. But if his car's parked outside, I'd probably just drive by. I won't sleep at all tonight when you spent it with him. I met the man of your dreams. Jealousy's an understatement. But I'll shake his hand and look him right in the eye. And I'll tell her he's good enough. Lord, please forgive that lie. It's not that far , and I can't back down to another guy. But if his car is parked outside, I'd probably just drive by. Very good. Very good. Now, just a few things that I can do-- that's my job here on MasterClass is to critique you and tell you what I think you can do to improve. Now, one thing. You've got the prettiest eyes. You really do. You've got a great smile. And that is a wonderful song. You're a great songwriter. You have a lot of those? No kidding. Good for you. Do you have your own publishing? I don't. You've got to work on that. You might need to go talk to Vince Gill, because he's got his own publishing, or get with a real good publishing company who can get it out. If you don't want to record all your songs, get a good publishing company, who will pitch your songs to other artists to get a recording. ...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

This was a wonderfully direct and straightforward series of honest , practical lessons on professional show business. Thanks, Reba! and Thanks, Masterclass.

What a delight Ms. Reba McEntire! Very engaging and she shows how much joy she gets from her chosen profession...all the facets of her career. I am not a singer nor do I desire to be one, however, I feel like I learned the necessary skills to do it. What sage advice. A successful career of knowledge she gives freely and in earnest. I loved this Master Class!

Extraordinary Personality! As all of the Master Class instructors have been! Thank you, so much for developing this Master Class.

it's a very good masterclass for a beginner in this business!


Mary Beth P.

What makes us unique and human is our combination of strengths and weaknesses. Embrace them because that is what separates us from machines.


This was a good lesson because Reba was able to stay positive while introducing him to his strength first, his great song writing, and explaining how and where he can make money creating songs for other artists. Only then did she remark again on his lovely eyes, and how if he opened them and looked at her, the story could cause her to weep.

A fellow student

Agreed on eye contact. He was so much sexier and drew me in when he had that confident eye contact. Great song!!!


It is amazing how improved your performance can be just after small little tweaks. This was a great lesson and I cannot wait to watch the rest of the student workshops.

Kimberly S.

Just being humble, honest and brave. Authenticity goes a long, long, way. Love it. Thanks!


Eye contact is something I am working on! So glad to be learning new things to help me with singing as well as performing!

Donna G.

It was very interesting to see Trevor before and after Reva gave him advice. He was a quick learner and a good example of how one can improve his or her technique.


Lots of great advice in this lesson. Eye contact is definitely something I need to work on, as well as being present. Sometimes the music takes me inside, and I forget about my audience.

A fellow student

Gary M Thomas Washougal WA Part of the critique from Reba to Trevor was about eye contact. Immediately, Trevor was able to improve his song in it'as delivery. Many years ago while still with the Will Maston Trio, Sammy Davis Jr. critiqued my impression of Jerry Lewis. That's pretty special and I will never forget it.

Abby S.

i loved this lesson so much! i learned so much and can't wait to learn more!