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Spike Lee

Lesson time 04:30 min

Meet your new instructor, writer/director/producer/professor—Spike Lee. Spike explains what he hopes you’ll gain from his class: the tools of film grammar—or visual storytelling—and the DIY spirit to make your own original, independent films.

Spike Lee
Teaches Independent Filmmaking
Academy Award–winning filmmaker Spike Lee teaches his approach to directing, writing, and producing.
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Spike Lee didn’t just direct his award-winning 1986 feature debut, She’s Gotta Have It. He was also the writer, star, truck driver, location scout, electrician, and caterer, because that’s what it took to get his film made. In his first-ever online directing class, the visionary behind Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, and 25th Hour lets you in on his uncompromising approach to filmmaking. Learn about writing, self-producing, working with actors, and making movies that break barriers.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

MasterClass is fantastic. There is direct learning, technique, strategy, artist though, etc. And, maybe even more important is the indirect learning that comes from time spent with a master. This teaches orientation, how to be an artist, how to separate one's identity from one's art, and the freedom of expression that brings. I have taken several classes, and am grateful for them! Thank you.

This was amazing! Real experiences shared, tips and examples from feature films. The approach was fresh, unique, intelligent, creative and beautiful!

Spike Lee is an incredible teacher and inspiration to me and I hope to use the lessons I learned here to help my career and hopefully help our people too

Fantastic masterclass not only on filmmaking but also on humanity.



I am so excited to begin learning from this Master Mind! And Prof. Spike's encouragement to "Use your tools to comment on what's happening in the world" already has me moving my pen! Also the production of the intro was excellent.

JD Mayo

Great music to fit with your pacing of the intro. I love your casual look of your clothing you have on in this. Being true to your self.

Mike E.

I'm loving the montage that was used in the intro; all classics! Spike is one of the greatest at telling stories.

Anita O.

Great intro...I'm excited. I'm a writer for film, why not learn everything

Chava G.

Being a Queen from the County of Kings, I totally respect Spike Lee as a Mogul, Magistrate and Master Teacher! Thank SL, Still The King After All These Years!

Terrence E.

Filmmakers in Los Angeles or New York. Add me on Instagram. - TerrenceTEdwards - Let's connect.

Kelvin R.

I’m really looking forward to this Master Class. No other person in the industry writes and directs what he knows better than Mr. Lee.

Toy J.

I can already tell that this is goin to be the most awesome class that I have taken in my entire life! Thank you Spike Lee!

Cliniquka M.

I am very excited for this class. I respect Spike Lee so much, and I know I am going to learn so much from this class that I will use my entire career!

Dex D.

Finally, someone who says they aren't going to teach film theory. This is what I've been looking for here on MC. Bring it, Spike.