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Opening Title Sequences

Spike Lee

Lesson time 11:48 min

Analyzing opening title sequences from Mo’ Better Blues, 25th Hour, and BlacKkKlansman, Spike teaches the art of establishing tone in the first few minutes of your film.

Spike Lee
Teaches Independent Filmmaking
Academy Award–winning filmmaker Spike Lee teaches his approach to directing, writing, and producing.
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Spike Lee didn’t just direct his award-winning 1986 feature debut, She’s Gotta Have It. He was also the writer, star, truck driver, location scout, electrician, and caterer, because that’s what it took to get his film made. In his first-ever online directing class, the visionary behind Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, and 25th Hour lets you in on his uncompromising approach to filmmaking. Learn about writing, self-producing, working with actors, and making movies that break barriers.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I've been able to understand the very DNA of a Spike Lee film and his process of making a film from thinking about it from scratch to being in the editing room. Spike is certainly one of he most authentic filmmakers of our times.

Spikes master class has tremendous amount of knowledge, i will watch it atleast 3 more times thanks Spike

I learned the most important attribute I need to work on is my dedication. It may be in your heart and in your head but if the work is not tangible, it's not done.

Just as amazing as I was thinking before start. Thanks Spike!


Joe V.

I always enjoy hearing Spike talk about his favorite films because he so rarely is asked this by the press. Scorsese and Tarantino are often allowed to preach about cinema, but an interview or junket with Lee is usually dominated by the politics of the day or sometimes, the mismanagement and woes of the New York Knicks. I was surprised to hear him mention the James Bond opening sequence.

Jeremy C.

I never thought the importance of opening title sequences until I saw this lesson by Spike Lee. Thank you Mr. Lee for this class.

Deborah R.

Hands down it is ABSOLUTELY critical that the openning of a film should establish the mood and personality of the film. I can usually 'feel" what a movie is about in the first 5 seconds if done well. So glad that Spike shows great examples of how this works.

Michael U.

The revelation of how Spike Lee felt the first time he saw "Gone with the Wind" is powerful.

Jim S.

As a screenwriter I have written one screenplay with a scene intended as an opening title sequence. It was inspired by the opening of "The Replacement Killers" with Chow Yun-Fat. Even though my screenplay is a different kind of story, I just loved everything about it.

Michael O.

Focusing on title sequence is not something I've put much energy, thought into. Spike makes a clear and urgent case here, the first impression is so important. Actually makes sense to integrate opening title in the story building process. This is a revelation. Thank you.

Bob Z.

I’ve always liked a good title opening. So many movies show the credits after the movie, when people are leaving. Are the studios just cheap? No imagination like a lot of the movies that are being made? Thanks Spike


I've already said it in another lesson, but I need to repeat it: the passion and enthusiasm with which Spike Lee talks about cinema and his work is amazing. Great lesson. Great Masterclass.

Tino T.

I like what Shelton (Spike Lee) said, about Opening Title Sequences.. I am so against without opening Title Sequences, its what we see today a lot, the movie already begins without a real introduction. I am also a Post Credits Sequence fan :)

Danny C.

The Mo Better opening scene is probably my favorite of all time. Thanks Spike!