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Putting Words On Paper

Spike Lee

Lesson time 16:56 min

Spike provides you with a blueprint of his writing process to help you write your script. Learn his index card technique, his disciplined writing practice, and his advice for writing with a partner.

Spike Lee
Teaches Independent Filmmaking
Academy Award–winning filmmaker Spike Lee teaches his approach to directing, writing, and producing.
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Spike Lee didn’t just direct his award-winning 1986 feature debut, She’s Gotta Have It. He was also the writer, star, truck driver, location scout, electrician, and caterer, because that’s what it took to get his film made. In his first-ever online directing class, the visionary behind Do the Right Thing, Malcolm X, and 25th Hour lets you in on his uncompromising approach to filmmaking. Learn about writing, self-producing, working with actors, and making movies that break barriers.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I loved this MasterClass. The idea that Mr. Lee is so candid and direct in his teaching. It's almost as if he's sitting in front of you and telling teethe real deal no fluff.

I've learned a lot about all the different facets of making a film and I plan to apply it to my next project.

We need subtitles, but the class was phenomenal

Filmmaking is more about passion than education. Spike generously makes this clear.


Iddo G.

This organising technique with the index cards just saved my life! maybe not my life but my story building and upcoming movie to be told to the world by a messy but clear mind. Thanks Spike!

Chava G.

Thou Shall Not Fake Da Funk; What So And Ever We Do We Got To Be: Funky, Fresh, Fortified And Fantastic. Like the ideas, partnership collaboration, knowing we got to get the job done. Dead lines are a good thang, are that blessing, dead lines put fire o, under and to that "but(t)". Don't miss dead lines, don't mess up the career. Heard and listened to...very much!

Michael U.

Found it interesting that Mr. Lee still writes out so much of his scripts instead of using computers or scriptwriting software. The index card method is great to arrange ideas into a cohesive script.

Alexandria L.

I have been working for a long time as a writer organization is an issue I like this index card method

LaTrence M.

I love the index cards... Normally when a story pops in my head I just starting writing and figure it out on the fly.

Purity R.

in our defense.......What the heck you think we do this and that for? It might be true, its about who you know. As for me, unfortunately my gift/calling late in life. I have so much material(hehe). I don't have the patience or time frankly. You add that with the fact that Im obsessed/ with that the many lessons/messages that SHOULD be covered in cinema, tv, etc that aren't AND the fact I know this is IS a gift AND I have so many stories I don't know what to do>>>>IM INSANE! lol... Its like Im you to teach me how to drive and you take me to the bumper cars AND you just watch meLOLOL I know that.. LET ME BEHIND THE WHEEL! lol

M. M.

EXCELLENT — already, and it only gets better. Like having Spike and me in a room together.😘

Chad E.

The link to the Black List in Chapter 2 of the Class workbook is faulty. I found the site but cannot paste the link here.

Lisa W.

Digesting this is all, one bite at a time, seems simple? Of course, it certainly is a lot of talent and perseverance. Thank you for presenting in this way.

Kelly H.

Spike should also do a Masterclass in how to be cool. He's so good to watch. Could be my favourite MC yet.