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First Law of Behavior Change: Make It Obvious

James Clear

Lesson time 08:42 min

James shares the eye-opening first step of behavior change: self-awareness. Learn how your automatic behaviors influence your life and how to spark immediate change with James’s “implementation intention” assignment.

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Topics include: Stacking the Deck in Your Favor Set an Implementation Strategy

About the Instructor

Nobody breaks down habits like behavior hacker James Clear. The Atomic Habits author disrupted the self-help industry by simplifying success for millions. Here, James shares his approach to designing smarter habits and tackling today’s challenges. From navigating hybrid work to resisting endless distractions, build habits that stick, break habits that suck, and outsmart yourself—one small but mighty step at a time.

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James Clear

James Clear, No. 1 NYT bestselling author of Atomic Habits, teaches you to build habits that stick and make progress toward your goals every day.

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