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Great dining experiences call for great drinks. Learn to make four classic cocktails—berry margarita, negroni, bellini, and bloody mary. Wolfgang elevates his drinks with a unique chef’s twist that's guaranteed to please your guests.

Topics include: Berry Margarita • Negroni • Bellini • Bloody Mary


Great dining experiences call for great drinks. Learn to make four classic cocktails—berry margarita, negroni, bellini, and bloody mary. Wolfgang elevates his drinks with a unique chef’s twist that's guaranteed to please your guests.

Topics include: Berry Margarita • Negroni • Bellini • Bloody Mary

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Now everybody has their favorite part, and to make them their favorite drinks. Now me, as a chef, I make cocktails which are really more or less chef-driven, with ingredients right from the market. Everybody knows how to make a regular margarita. I'm going to show you how I make my margarita. I'm going to make it with blackberries and with raspberries. There are many different versions of it, so this is a new one. But we went to the market and got these fresh berries, which are so delicious. We're going to add six raspberries. And by the way, if you make cocktails at home, you need a good recipe. Cocktails are not just throwing things together. And [? pardon ?] us today, they call them mixologists, or any other fancy name, because they are really, really good at it, to mix different ingredients together. All right, so now I have my blackberries and my raspberries, and a little twist of lime in here. This is called it masher, so I'm going to mash it really well. So I'm going to make a puree right in here. So not only push it down, but I turn it, so that way you get all the good juice out of it. So you want to have a little puree in here of fresh berries. And even I can look like a professional bartender, though I must tell you, Andrew, my partner at Spago, is a champion, Whenever I go somewhere, he comes with me and he makes the cocktails. All right, so it looks good in here, like a marmalade, a little bit. Can you see in here? Let me show you with a little spoon. See that little mash of berries. All right. So now, because we're going to make a margarita, we need tequila. So we're going to add two ounces of tequila. You cannot just put tequila in or any ingredients, so you'll have to measure it. This is a jigger. If I make it totally full, it's two ounces. All right. And I am a bartender with a little heavy hand, so I got a little extra to it. All right. And now, three quarters of an ounce of lime juice. Here it is. This one is an ounce. If it's for three quarters of an ounce. And then three quarters of an ounce of simple syrup. If you like it sweeter, just add a little more. It really depends on you. So now here we go. We're going to add ice to it. You also can blend it. I'm going to fill it up. All right. I'm going to close it up. You can see it has even a strainer on top. And then we shake it. Get a good rhytm going, you can dance to it, if you'd like to. All right. All right. Here we are. Let's open it up. And now I have a nice glass here. I love the big cubes of ice. I like them much better than the little ones. Why? Because they don't melt as fast, so it doesn't make your drink watery. All right. Let's open it up. We're going to put the strainer on top. And often, if it's really a lot of fruit in it, I even strain...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Yes. I love his courage, philosophy of life an de cuisine, it deeeply touched me. Thank you, grand father Wolfgang!!!

I have always been a HUGE fan of Wolfgang Puck. The class was amazing and I learned a lot. He needs to do a series of these!

I now have a great direction! I've learned great cooking techniques and how to pick the best ingredients for all my dishes! I am much more confident in what makes a great dish! Thank you! That was truly a great class!

There were many little techniques that were given in the classes which are really helpful for the home cook. I must say that Wolfgang's personal style of teaching is not only informative, but his passion and humor come through to make it a great experience for the student!


A fellow student

Wolfgang, not sure if I can all you that but I have worked restaurants since 1971 and have bartended all over North America and cooked in several cities as well. Thank you for the tips on a better Negroni, the Antica Vermouth is an excellent product and adding a bit of Prosecco is a huge improvement. I've always loved the Negroni, now more than ever.

Lorena M.

I would like to see a mixologist class on how to make cocktails! So far I've enjoyed his classes, and I like that he added cocktails all great options for Sunday brunch! Can't wait to try the bloody mary and the Bellini :o)


is "simple sirup" just a sirup made of water and sugar and nothing added?! i ve never heard of this thing ^^

A fellow student

I think there was at least one inconsistency with the recipes and what Wolfgang said for instance the amount of simple syrup in the Bloody Mary

Sara H.

I only drink red wine and craft beer but these cocktails look soooo refreshing. I am thinking maybe I should branch out.


I want to puree fresh white peaches myself for the bellini drinks and then freeze the leftovers.

Kristine K.

What a pleasant surprise to have a lesson on mixed drinks! I love it! Thank you Wolfgang!

Alicia N.

I don't have a lot of experience with cocktails, but this sure inspires me to want to try them all! Just have to go out and get all the tools and ingredients....yummm!

Julio N.

Not a drinker but pretty cool. I think I would have enjoyed one more recipe or a dessert.

J.b. C.

You guys should get with Phil Ward of Death and Co. fame and get him to do a Masterclass on Cocktails. Wolfgang's stirring was not very good technique. That Negroni is in shambles. So sad considering everything else in this Masterclass was amazing.