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Wolfgang Puck

Lesson time 3:20 min

Welcome to Wolfgang Puck’s kitchen. In his first lesson, Wolfgang shares the goal of his MasterClass: inspiring you to feel confident in the kitchen, whether you’re a home cook or restaurant chef.

Wolfgang Puck
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In 16 lessons, learn exclusive recipes and cooking techniques from the chef behind Spago and CUT.
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I grew up, I mean, really not very well off. We had meat maybe once a week. I remember we had Wienerschnitzel on Sunday. And I ate maybe half of it, and put the other half on the side so I could have it the next day, or maybe Sunday night, too. For me, food was always the most pleasure. You know, I remember going in the garden of my mother, picking fresh tomatoes, putting them on a sandwich, on this dark bread we had with butter. So for even as far as I go back, food was always for me something special. I think we are here really to do something good. And for me, it's in cooking/ I love to teach people. I love to cook in the restaurant. To me, nothing is better than when people see me at the airport and say, Wolfgang, I read your book, or I saw you on TV, I made a recipe and everybody loved it. Makes me feel so good. So I think, to me, teaching people is an important part. So for me, if I can help anybody out there to be a better cook, to learn something new, I think that what excites me, because I'm the same way. On the MasterClass, not only I can teach people recipes, but I can explain it, maybe still in a short way, my journey, how it happened, that it wasn't always like that, that I wasn't always successful. I never thought I was going to own all these restaurants, have 5,000 people working with me. But you know what? It happened step by step. We built a great company. So I think if you just want your own restaurant, if you just want to cook dinner at home for your family, I want you to see me and get inspired. I want you to be proud when you cook something and put it on a plate and bring it to your friends, to your family, to your children and show off. And in turn, it will make you feel really good. I'm Wolfgang Puck, and this is my MasterClass.

Become fearless in the kitchen

Legend has it Wolfgang Puck came up with his famous smoked salmon pizza when his restaurant ran out of bagels—and ended up changing the way America cooks. In his MasterClass, the five-time James Beard Award-winning chef behind more than 100 restaurants brings you into his kitchen. You’ll learn not only how to master starters, mains, sides, and cocktails, but also how to take risks to create memorable recipes of your own.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I'm a regular cook and have a cooking blog. Wolfgang has inspired me and ignited the spark again. Love watching his classes, his humour and his way of presenting makes him fun to watch.

Wolfgang is the iconic California cuisine chef. Being from California I’ve experienced his restaurants and enjoyed every minute. That smell is unforgettable. I loved all the lessons and recipes and can’t wait to try them out. Wolfgang’s passion for cooking, his stories, anecdotes and his positivity will stay with me forever. Thank you Wolfgang and Masterclass for an amazing class.

Thank you, thank you. Your class has inspired me to get creative in the kitchen again!

My personal experience with Wolfgang's class was very positive, he breaks down every important thing in the process of cooking, and explains very well. he makes it look easy, and i look forward to improve my cooking with what I've learned


A fellow student

I must have been brain dead when I filled out the original comment. I have spent a LOT of time in Vienna and traveled for a month with my close friend in September 2019 and really, for the first time, traveled through Germany and Austria to truly appreciate the food and the culture. We visited friends outside Vienna and had a country meal, and I traveled through Munich, Black Forest region, and Styria, where my friend is originally from. Food in Gratz and Vienna, a wake up call to my German roots.

James E.

Great introduction for its statement of intent. I have owned some of Wolfgang Puck's cookbooks for decades. Three years ago, I met two of his students: Jim and Terri Petrovits. Jim has passed...but he created a destination restaurant/inn in Charlottesville, Va. How he loved to remember his time with this iconic chef! Jim's food was exceptional. Our friendship led me to this MasterClass.

A fellow student

Wolfgang, your stories moved me deeply. Thank you for everything you shared. I used to eat at Soagos when I lived in LA with my in-laws and Richard Lewis. You may remember him....a real character. You came to our table to say hi a few of those times. I appreciate and admire you and your journey, and the profound ways in which you’ve advanced the wAy we think about food.

A fellow student

This is an awesome master class. Going to make the fish filets tonight, the chicken tomorrow. Love the artistic presentation of every dish. Very practical lessons - can easily be done at home. Please give us more like these!

Molakin U.

You can see and hear how passionate he is about his craft and his story. A story is like a life travel guide that leads to becoming a better person and great at your skill.

Julieta M.

In fact I´m here because I´m diabetic and I try to improve some recipes to don´t have a very poor food, I can´t eat just a biftec or a leg of chiken without any flavor... I want learn more about food to use it in my every day diet.


I look forward to sharing what I have learned the next time I cook for my son, who is a Chef!

Lilian K.

Good introduction! You love teaching as evidenced by the many instructional demos you provide on HSN. I am looking forward to learning skills in this class. Have a great day.

Atish M.

I'm so excited to learn cooking from Wolfgang Puck! I'm always so inspired by the great Chef's.

Joseph B.

Wolfgang Puck's MasterClass is my 15th MasterClass under the All Class Access MasterClass program. Chef Puck has got me excited about learning to cook. I like my father before me am a "kitchen illiterate." Beyond dry serial, eggs, bacon, orange juice, I know nothing. If my wife, who is a spectacular cook, becomes ill as we advance in age, it would be prudent and life saving for me to know how to cook. If I pay close attention, Chef Puck may save my life. Since retirement, I have commandeered 6' of my wife's large kitchen counter, including a drawer and a cupboard. I do now have some expertise as an espresso barista, Italian Soda maker, Black Manhattan maker, and so as to not show any prejudice as a cocktail maker, I enjoy making both white and black Russian beverages. Joseph Boyle