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Wolfgang Puck

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Welcome to Wolfgang Puck’s kitchen. In his first lesson, Wolfgang shares the goal of his MasterClass: inspiring you to feel confident in the kitchen, whether you’re a home cook or restaurant chef.

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I grew up, I mean, really not very well off. We had meat maybe once a week. I remember we had Wienerschnitzel on Sunday. And I ate maybe half of it, and put the other half on the side so I could have it the next day, or maybe Sunday night, too. For me, food was always the most pleasure. You know, I remember going in the garden of my mother, picking fresh tomatoes, putting them on a sandwich, on this dark bread we had with butter. So for even as far as I go back, food was always for me something special. I think we are here really to do something good. And for me, it's in cooking/ I love to teach people. I love to cook in the restaurant. To me, nothing is better than when people see me at the airport and say, Wolfgang, I read your book, or I saw you on TV, I made a recipe and everybody loved it. Makes me feel so good. So I think, to me, teaching people is an important part. So for me, if I can help anybody out there to be a better cook, to learn something new, I think that what excites me, because I'm the same way. On the MasterClass, not only I can teach people recipes, but I can explain it, maybe still in a short way, my journey, how it happened, that it wasn't always like that, that I wasn't always successful. I never thought I was going to own all these restaurants, have 5,000 people working with me. But you know what? It happened step by step. We built a great company. So I think if you just want your own restaurant, if you just want to cook dinner at home for your family, I want you to see me and get inspired. I want you to be proud when you cook something and put it on a plate and bring it to your friends, to your family, to your children and show off. And in turn, it will make you feel really good. I'm Wolfgang Puck, and this is my MasterClass.

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Legend has it Wolfgang Puck came up with his famous smoked salmon pizza when his restaurant ran out of bagels—and ended up changing the way America cooks. In his MasterClass, the five-time James Beard Award-winning chef behind more than 100 restaurants brings you into his kitchen. You’ll learn not only how to master starters, mains, sides, and cocktails, but also how to take risks to create memorable recipes of your own.

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Wolfgang Puck

In 16 lessons, learn exclusive recipes and cooking techniques from the chef behind Spago and CUT.

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