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Recipe: Roasted Chicken With Mustard Port Sauce

Wolfgang breaks down the recipe he created for his Los Angeles exclusive French restaurant Ma Maison. Discover the secret to perfectly crispy chicken skin, and learn to make a tangy, sweet sauce that makes this dish unforgettable.

Topics include: Searing and Oven Roasting Chicken • Mustard Port Sauce • Dandelion Greens Salad


Wolfgang breaks down the recipe he created for his Los Angeles exclusive French restaurant Ma Maison. Discover the secret to perfectly crispy chicken skin, and learn to make a tangy, sweet sauce that makes this dish unforgettable.

Topics include: Searing and Oven Roasting Chicken • Mustard Port Sauce • Dandelion Greens Salad

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Chicken is probably the most popular protein out there. Everybody eats chicken. Most of the time people complain, say, ah, chicken is bland, chicken has not this or that. I gonna show you how to make a delicious chicken with a port wine mustard sauce. The most important thing, though, is that you have your stock ready. Now we have a beautiful veal stock which we reduced to a demi-glace. So it will be really easy to make a great sauce. Now, it is so simple. I have here a half a chicken. So try to keep it at room temperature before you cook it. Take it out half an hour before. And then you have to season it. A little salt and pepper on both sides. All right. If you like it spicy, just add a little bit more pepper. All right. So now the chicken is ready. You don't need any flour on it, or any breadcrumbs, or anything. The chicken will get extra crispy if you sear it in a really hot pan. OK? So here we have a pan. Let's turn the fire on. I cook on an induction stove here, but you can have gas, you can have electric, whatever you have. The most important part is to have a good heavy saut�� pan. Why? Because if you have one of these thin saut�� pans, you'll get hotspots there, and you never will be able to get a crispy chicken. You will burn your chicken. So do yourself a favor. Go out and buy some good saut�� pans if you want to cook like I do. So now-- I cook a lot with olive oil. So I'm going to add some olive oil into my pan and wait for it to get really hot. You can see the oil. If oil gets a little teary in here, that means it's getting hot. OK, so when do you know how to put your chicken in here? When the oil gets a light smoke. So don't worry about the heat. Turn it up to high. And then you always can turn it lower a little bit. You can see now my pan is getting hot. So it's really easy to put your chicken in here now. It's really easy to see the heat. All right? All right. So if you want a beautiful brown skin and crispy skin, put your chicken in a hot pan with a little olive oil or vegetable oil. See, I have no butter in here, because the butter would burn over high heat. So use some good oil, some inexpensive olive oil, or sunflower oil, or vegetable oil. All right. And again, see? If the pan is hot, your food doesn't stick. So it's really simple. Don't turn the chicken over every second. It is really important to cook the chicken on one side, mostly. You don't really have to cook the meat side, because it dries out the meat. All right. Now let's look underneath. Yeah, I think that's really OK now. Let's look here. All right. You can see it's nice and brown already. So now-- now I'm going to put it in the hot oven. I have my oven here at 500 degrees. And I'm gonna cook it for about 12 to 15 minutes. ...

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I've learned that starting with simple recipes using fresh ingredients will give me a positive result -- GREAT class!

the chef WOLFGANG PUCK IS excellent, the way he teaches is fantastic and he always recommends to buy organic food and thats very importan, i improve a lot my cooking skills only by watching him, and the only think i can say about him is that he is the best chef in the master class so far

I have learn the importance of cooking with the freshest ingredients and what flavors they can bring to a dish

ive already taken gordons and alices classes and this one is the best by far!!!


A fellow student

The pizza stone, when at temperature in an oven, conducts its heat to a pan very quickly and evenly. After opening a hot oven, the air in the oven is cooler than it was, and air does not conduct heat very well.

Travin K.

Does the half chicken contain the wings? I don't seem to see them. Also, is there a tutorial somewhere on how to do it? I'm quite new to breaking down a whole chicken and did it for the first time 2 months ago, so still a bit unfamiliar how to get it from that to this.

Beth A.

I like seeing the different tools and gadgets he uses repeatedly. Also on my wish list is the baking pan rack. I was surprised to see him pour the extra pan grease on top of the crispy chicken.

A fellow student

The heat is coming from the pan and from the oven, the stone is really not adding anything to these recipes. Pretend it isn’t there

Leslie O.

Can someone please tell me if that is a pizza stone in the oven. So far he has used it in everything that goes into the oven. Thanks!

A fellow student

I love chicken and love his tips for making crispy skin. Will have to try it.

A fellow student

What is the impact of reducing your stock in the pan with the port, instead of reducing into a demiglace ahead of time?

Fran H.

I just love his style of cooking and his presentation skills along with his smiles and most importantly his obvious love for food

Lucrecia C.

I really love the way you teach Wolfgang. Your pace is easy to keep up with and methods are super simple. THANK YOU for this!!!

A fellow student

OK, now (as Austrian too) I'm sure, after looking at a degree-fahrenheit calculator. He says degree, but means fahrenheit. First, there's no home oven with (220-230 volt - as at home), that is able to get 500 degrees, and of course 12 min. in an oven with 500 degrees, would end up in a complete black chicken with this flatness, also if raw before. In fact: please check up degree-fahrenheit calculator before trying that out. See also italian pizza - that's after tandoori-bread - one of the most hot baked classics of the world. Pizza napoli needs 60-90 seconds at about 450 degrees. (842° fahrenheit). The flat stone is sure a "pizza stone". Would help to have a continous heat in a normal kitchen oven! Otherwise you'll have the classic "brown in the back, white in the front" problem. ok, not just an oven problem : )