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Recipe: Tuna Sashimi

Wolfgang brings one of Spago’s most famous appetizers to your kitchen. Learn how to select ingredients, pair flavors, and utilize color to create this stunning dish.

Topics include: Selecting Fish • Ponzu Sauce • Fennel Apple Salad


Wolfgang brings one of Spago’s most famous appetizers to your kitchen. Learn how to select ingredients, pair flavors, and utilize color to create this stunning dish.

Topics include: Selecting Fish • Ponzu Sauce • Fennel Apple Salad

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Appetizers are very important because it's the beginning of the meal. They have to appeal to the eyes and they have to taste delicious. I'm going to show you how to make one of our most famous appetizers, which is a tuna sashimi. We generally use yellowfin, Bigeye, or there's the bluefin tuna, which is really on the endangered species list. So you can get farm- raised bluefin tuna which is more fatty. Look at that tuna. It has to be nice, bright red. You know, we eat with our eyes first, so it's really important that the tuna looks really good. Don't buy one which was sliced already. And then have the fish monger or the clerk in the store cut your nice long piece. First, we're going to make an avocado puree. Then, I'm going to make a little salad dressing with some pebble will be added to the yellow chili and orange juice. And then I'm going to make a ponzu-style sauce. So I going to make a really complex in a way, but easy to realize at home. So first of all, I'm going to start with an avocado puree. So I have a tamis here. All right. And then you use super ripe avocados. Cut them in half, and then in quarters. I did the opening of the Cannes Film Festival. And one of the dishes had avocados on it and I didn't know how to ripen them, so I put them out on the terrace in the sun. They all got black and stayed hard. And then I came home and I told my avocado grower down in Fort Brooke. I said, what happened with your avocados? They didn't get ripe. He said, what did you do with it? I said, I put it outside. He said, you idiot. You put it in a brown paper bag in a dark room at room temperature and they were ripen in no time. Just like that. You have a spoon? So you want to be sure to get all the green part. See how easy it is? And then you pass it through a tamis, or, if you have a small blender, you can make it in a blender, too. So now with the back of a spoon-- let me chop it up a little bit before, maybe just like that-- and with the back of a spoon, we're going to just press it through our tamis here. See that? All right. So if you have a small sieve, but a tamis is always really useful in the kitchen to sift your flour or your cocoa powder, or to make the finest mashed potatoes. Or what I do here to make a great puree of avocados. So that's the first step. All right, you see that? All of our avocados are through the sieve. Now look at the back. We have to take it off here, see that? I'm going to add a little lemon juice and just a little touch of salt. The lemon juice or lime juice will help it to stay green if you make it in advance. OK, a little salt. And now we're just going to mix it well together. And here we go. You be sure could taste it before, because every step has to taste delicious. A little more lemon juice, because these are really rich avoc...

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storytelling as a method for conveying experience makes me wanna more classes. thank you for your great efforts to ensable such line of masterclasses.

I have always been a HUGE fan of Wolfgang Puck. The class was amazing and I learned a lot. He needs to do a series of these!

Learning to cook at 55 is no easy feat! Wolfgang is a wonderful teacher and has given me some core basics to expand upon. So approachable - thank you!

Wolfgang's story is inspiring and his attitude is infectious. His philosophy of letting the ingredients shine is a great contrast to the modernist approach and shows why his restaurants have longevity. I really enjoyed his class. Thank you.



Any suggestions for a substitute for the apple? I'm allergic to stone fruit but don't want just to omit it!

Carlo C.

Some ingredients cant be sourced from our country. Interesting take on the tuna. Will try to improvise with what we have. Not much pepper variety here. Great first class! I enjoyed it.

A fellow student

Wonderful. Even half as complicated would have me paying top dollar for such a dish!

Jacqueline L.

Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 were rather slow-going and basic but am looking forward to making this tuna sashimi starter. The use of yellow chilli puree in the dressing is rather clever to keep a vibrant colour. However, the word "ponzu" means citrus-based, commonly mixed with soy sauce. I am quite sure Wolfgang's soy sauce and ginger combo is not ponzu. Just terminology not a biggie.

Susan A.

WOW Just WOW - I am a home economist and an at-home cook of some distinction for many years, but this dish takes the whole dish to a completely different level. I am so very glad I treated myself to these lessons!!!! Thank you, Wolfgang!

Yosep S.

Thank you for sharing this Chef! Just knew that paper rice can be toasted :D I thought it can only be dipped in the water and use it as paper roll... Will do playing with it! Thx for the inspiration!

Ryan G.

Fresh sashimi is one of my favorites. I was always able to prepare this well. However, I never considered the presentation before and how beauty, color and the visual aspect can go so far. Thank you!!

A fellow student

that was really great. can't wait to see the rest of the lessons. such a happy teacher


Wow that presentation was shit. I have an eight year old cousin with a head cold who could of done better. I hope you step it up Puck!

Lilian K.

I am uncertain where to purchase sashimi grade tuna in Central New York. This region is known for Friday night Fish Fry, mostly Haddock and Cod - nothing raw. Will contact the local fish market and as a last resort, phone a local Japanese Restaurant for suggestions.