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Recipe: Pepper Steak with Red Wine Sauce

Wolfgang Puck

Lesson time 14:56 min

While working in three-star restaurants in France, Wolfgang perfected this classic pepper steak. Learn how to flawlessly sear your steak, and discover how to transform the demi-glace you made in the previous chapter into a rich red wine pan sauce.

Wolfgang Puck
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Now I'm gonna show you how to make a delicious pepper steak. You know, we all love beef, but we don't just going to eat barbecue or grilled steaks all the time. When I worked in France, in some of the best restaurants, like Maxime's or like Beau Manoir, pepper steak was one of the staples. It's easy to make, once you have your demi glace or your veal stock ready. The pepper is spicy, how are we going to balance it? With a little sweetness. Now I have some raisins, and guess what I'm going to do? I'm going to plump them up. I'm going to bring them to a boil with some red wine. So this red wine going to help me to deglaze my pan. Also, it will give the wine some sweetness, and I going actually use the raisins in the sauce, too. OK. Now we said we're going to make a pepper steak. We need pepper. You know, there are all kinds of pepper; green pepper, white pepper, and the black pepper. Basically it all comes from the pepper tree. First they are green, then they get white, and then black. They all have different flavors in different stages of ripeness. Here I have this Ziploc bag because I'm going crushed the pepper instead of grinding finely, because I really want to have the bite of the pepper. So we're going to add a little green pepper. All right, a few more. You can do that in advance and then leave the rest right in the Ziploc bag. OK. And I put double the amount of black pepper. OK. So now you lock it up, be sure there is no air in it. If there is air in it, just squeeze the air out and Ziploc it. So now with the mallet or with a rolling pin, be sure to get all the air out, you can smash that up. Make sure that the pepper is really well crushed, you don't want to have whole peppercorns in here. That's still a little bit. So I love coarsely ground pepper on any kind of red meat. If I grill a steak, or if I make a pepper steak, this is always amazing. So let's look at it now. I think it looks pretty good. See that? So you have crushed peppercorns here. Now, the peppercorns are ready. Here I have a New York steak, a New York strip loin, and I'm going to cut two beautiful steaks. If you like the steak more on the well done side, don't cut it too thick. If you like in more on the rare side, we cut it a little thicker. So, let's see. I'm going to cut two beautiful steaks about that size, so. So here I have a beautiful New York You can see it's beautifully marbled, and the marbling really makes the beef stand out. Another thing that makes the beef tender is the aging. If you eat beef which is one week old, it's going to be tough, but after aging it for three, four weeks, or five weeks, it becomes really tender. OK. Now, I going to season my steaks with a salt on both sides. Always we season our meat on both sides. And I season my meat always before I cook it. And...

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What a wonderful perspective and approach to cooking... Very inspirational to me! I share the same culinary philosophy and it was a pleasure to hear this validated by a Master. I am reinvigorated to continue my journey in the kitchen and delight my family and guests. Thank You!

Everyone, well, once if you eat, should watch this. He's entertaining and informative You will be happy you watched and visited with him.

Easy to follow, completely interesting and the essence of excellence. Excellence is not what you do. Excellence is who you are. Lauren St. John

I am an experienced home cook who loves to cook, bake and entertain. Wolfgang's masterclass was fun to watch and inspirational. He reminds you to rely on tasting everything, not just to follow a recipe. He inspired me to be even more creative. I would love to see more from him!! Great class!


Donna S.

I'm very impressed with the sauce and will definitely make this steak next week. My question is: Where can I find a beautiful stone for my oven like Wolfgang uses? It seems that it would create a more even heat. Does he use it all the time, for all his baking and roasting needs? Very informative masterclass.

Alvaro A.

I know what i did wrong. Thank you so much for being my instructor on this website.

Iain R.

Enjoyed the video, however the Masterclass would have been to show me how to cut a boneless half chicken.

Nelson C.

I'm very excited to make this! I might leave out the raisin (I'm diabetic) and use butter instead of cream for the sauce. This is my first couple of episodes on Master Class and I'm quite impressed. The workbook is a nice touch. Happy cooking everyone.

selphie B.

I watched his youtube video since iam 19yo. I become his fans ever since and loved every bit of his energy for food.

Olga O.

just loved it!!!!!! I almost feel i can be good chef after watching it ,,......HA HA i know i am not, but feels amazing like i know it already thank you for sharing your knowledge

Richard S.

This looks delicious. I wasn't aware of Wofgang until I started Masterclass, but recognize many traits I had previously enjoyed in my Austrian friends...straight up, no fuss no wuss, but with a metaphysical twist. I'll make this and get back to you.

Conny A.

Very delicious recipe! Love how the sweet and the spicy taste got balanced! Super tasty and a real treat for the eyes!

Kris S.

Why the hell cook that meat in Olive Oil?? It has a low smoke point. Why not use sunflower or Nutoil?

Cheryl J.

I made this the other night. The demi glaze I had purchased in a cooking/chef store. Came in little cups. It came out delicious. I used merlot wine . The next time I will put the sauce through a sieve and take out the raisins. I would rather have a smooth sauce than chunky with raisins in it. Otherwise delicious.