Culinary Arts

Recipe: Seafood Gazpacho

Wolfgang Puck

Lesson time 15:46 min

Learn to combine vibrant color and flavor in Wolfgang's seafood gazpacho. From selecting fresh clams to making a special clam mirepoix, you will discover Wolfgang's unique method for mastering your plating technique.

Wolfgang Puck
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Now to make my seafood gazpacho really tasty, I'm going to make a clam stock. I have here some clams, and the little ,, specially made for clams. I have fennel, leaks, shallot, garlic, and tarragon. So I'm going to heat up the pan with some olive oil, and then saute the first. All right, get it nice and hot. OK, you can see it gets a light smoke, and that's it. So then I'm going to add a little white wine, cover it. And there is so much juice in the clam. So be sure when you buy clams when you lift them up, they should be nice and heavy and for sure not open. All right, so now let's throw our vegetables in here. All right, I don't need the whole sprig here, maybe have of it. OK, now I'm going to saute the vegetables to get really the most flavor out of them. All right, almost there. You see when the veggies get nice and glossy like that, that's when it's right. OK, now I'm going to deglaze it with white wine. About a cup or so and reduce it down a little bit, and then I'm going to add my clams to it. Now if you don't have tarragon, you can use a little oregano. You can use a little bit of thyme also, all right. You can see the wine is about reduced by a half. Then I'm going to add my clams and steam them until they are beautiful open. You don't want to overcook them. So it's really important to do them just right. OK, I brushed the clams, really well washed them really well in cold water, so that way you don't have too much sand in here. Now I'm going to add them to my wine here. And we're going to cover it. It's really important if you want to buy clams they have to be super fresh. You don't want the old clams, which are halfway open. Even if they're just a few of them open, you know they're not really fresh. So be sure to get the clams, which are really heavy, which really feel heavy and full and are really closed really well. You don't want to have open. Even if they say, oh, they're opened just a little bit. You know then all the juice is out, and the clams are dead. You can see in hear. Look at that. We cooked them really fast. So a few more minutes, then once they get hot they start to open up. So it is really a good way in the summertime if you get clams, you open them up like that and use part of the juice for your soup, because it gives it so much extra flavor. You can see the clams start to open now. Maybe three more minutes, and then we are done. You don't want to cook the clams too much, because they get rubbery. So as soon as they are open, we're going to strain the juice into a bowl here, which I have set on ice so that way my juice will cool down for my gazpacho. All right, so now you can see the clams here. See nice and open each one, because they are nice and fresh so all of them opened just perfectly. See that. All right, so now I'm ...

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WOLFGANG PUCK has taught me about the finesse in cooking food

What a wonderful perspective and approach to cooking... Very inspirational to me! I share the same culinary philosophy and it was a pleasure to hear this validated by a Master. I am reinvigorated to continue my journey in the kitchen and delight my family and guests. Thank You!

The fact that I did this masterclass so far was credit to Wolfgang who kept me entertained and taught me new cooking skills.

Learning about the essential tools in your kitchen.



With all due respect for one of the greatest, most accomplished chef's in the world, the whole "taste it again and again" with the SAME SPOON in a cold soup is really disgusting and unsanitary. I hope Wolfgang teaches his young chefs to use a new spoon each time they taste something which is being served to someone else...

A fellow student

Great recipe - I used “Better than Buillon” clam base to make broth instead of fresh clams. Added to blender with tomatoes and strained out peels. Big time saver, still great flavor thanks to fennel, tarragon, etc. Topped with fresh Dungeness crab meat.

Robert M.

I wish I had left the clams in a bit of broth while I made the rest of the gazpacho. I found that my clams dried out a bit and the texture in the soup was not ideal. But, apart from that this recipe was delicious!

Rita L.

Hi Chef Wolfgang, I made this beautiful dish last night for dinner, my husband and son love it. This is a very nice dish for a hot summer, very refreshing and delicious. I can only find red ripe tomatoes instead of yellow, soup colour turn out great! Thanks again Chef Wolfgang.

Tina C.

Should you skin the tomatoes before pulsing them in the food processor if you're not using a food mill? I'm confused!

Matan O.

I won't be able to make this since I don't eat clams, but he still is a good chef.

Vickie R.

When I meet clams they tend to "clam" up? Can't get a word out of them. Not very good for celeb interviews.

Sara H.

Learned something new with the lemon slice and knife. His plating never ceases to amaze me. I look forward to trying this dish soon.

Carol C.

His clear passion for perfection in every step of the process is beautiful to see, and an inspiration.

Adam S.

Looks delicious! I like how Wolfgang explains everything. The trick with the lemon juice and a knife is awesome!