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Wolfgang's Culinary Philosophy

Wolfgang Puck

Lesson time 13:02 min

Wolfgang breaks down the main tenets of his culinary philosophy. Sharing the lessons he's learned from his restaurants, Wolfgang shows you how to elevate your dining experiences at home.

Wolfgang Puck
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My culinary and philosophy was always very simple. And I tell that to all our chefs when they start with me. We buy the best ingredients, and then try not to fuck them up. So it's a simple [? work. ?] It is so simple, really. So we buy the best ingredients, and then we enhance them through cooking a little bit. But the most important thing is, the ingredients have to taste of what they are. If I had fish, I want it to taste like what fish it is, or if I eat soup, I want to taste the ingredients in it. I don't want to have so much cream and butter in there that you actually cannot taste the food anymore, you cannot taste the vegetable anymore. They are all diluted by a lot of fat. It's really about the passion of putting the ingredients together and using whatever is local. If my mother made a salad, she went in the garden. If she wanted to get raspberries, we went up in the forest in the summer and picked raspberries and blackberries. So they were always so delicious. I believe that food and what we put in our body is important for our health. And I always said, if we would have more chefs and more people cooking at home better, we would need less doctors, because eating all this junk food, all this crap out there, which is fried, which is processed-- I mean, how many times you go to the supermarket, everything has to be processed, everything is manipulated, everything is re-engineered. How much of us get fresh fruits, get fresh vegetables? Get when they're in season, when they are the best. To me, the seasonality is really important, and also, what makes it exciting, so that way, you don't do the same thing all year. [MUSIC PLAYING] What we try to do in our restaurant is create an experience and a memory for people, and hopefully a memory that lasts for a long, long time. So that way, people can't wait to come back. And at your home, it is exactly the same thing. You want to create a memory for the people and create a great experience. A lot of little things make up a big thing. You will have to make the guests feel at home. You have to make them feel really welcome, that you really want them there. That is, not that thing where you said, OK, now they're coming for dinner tonight, and I have to work so hard, and make them feel bad you have to spend all that time in the kitchen sweating. And here they are. I worked so hard all day. It has to be the opposite. You have to be excited about everybody coming to your party or to dinner or whatever it is. And you have to be excited about what you cook. If yourself you're not excited about it, how can you inspire anybody? And that's what I do in the restaurant. I have to inspire everybody, including our customers. And at home, you have to do the same thing. You have to tell them, I went to the market. I found this amazing fish, or these great fruits, and I made t...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Wolfgang Puck was easy to follow. He motivated me to step out of the box and be creative.

I enjoyed learning about how to make oat risotto and gazpacho. I will be better about searing my meat, we usually use the green egg for steaks. I enjoyed his life stories...I liked the playful creativity where he hardly measured anything except the alcohol

I loved the way he covered spices, ingredients and kitchen essentials! I am definitely going to make mac and cheese, fish, bachmel sauce and cocktails!

Taste the food you are preparing often, especially at different temperatures. Don't be afraid to use several varieties of different herbs together. Great MasterClass - fabulous and engaging instructor.


A fellow student

What an inspirational story of hard work and perseverance!! I am definitely trying the branzino and the gazpacho!! Thank you Wolfgang!!

A fellow student

I absolutely loved Wolfgang!!! He is such a great and humane person.His classes were fantastic, but what I really adored was his aura and the light he shares!!

Marcy B.

Love the importance of Balance... You are creative in the Kitchen and in life. Thank you for your inspiration. I am learning so much from your classes.

Jocelyn H.

I enjoyed the lessons, can`t get enough from all what you shared Mr. Puck. So inspiring ! Thank you very much.

Olga O.

the Eyes the Nose and the pallet just perfect an inspirational I am cooking :) and even doing zoom sessions to inspire others today I had friends picking up after zoom my samples of cooking :)) so fun and everybody loves it Wolf GangS :) :)) inspiration spreading over my way :))))))and on my friends kind of contagious!!!!!!!! thank you W image of cooking today zoom show -bali inspired avocado toast Travel cooking adventures

Jeannette C.

one silver lining to staying home is being able to immerse our selves in this course. I'm rocking the wolf, finally!

Greer B.

I really enjoyed all the classes. I make stocks and adding the veggies to roast after roasting the bones and deglazing with wine blew my mind. I cant wait to try and to got through all the dishes! I am also a bodyworker by trade and not working now due to the corona virus, but watching the philosophies really inspired and invigorated me for when I will be able to return to work. It works for cooking, but also any profession. I am very grateful for this class!

Alex D.

His Business Philosophy video was one of my favorites. His mindset and way of planning is such a treat!

Tiana C.

More than the cooking lessons, I truly enjoyed the life lessons that came from him. I am in a moment of my life where I am leaving behind a 30 y career to start something new from zero. Cooking is my childhood passion, so I finally got up the courage to make it a business. Of course I am scared, but listening to him, I got a tremendous strong shot of encouragement. Thank you Mr. Wolfgang Puck!

Elena K.

Love your philosophy, your simplicity and love your food. You are enormously inspiring and I thoroughly enjoyed your master class. Thank you!