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Wolfgang's Journey

Wolfgang Puck

Lesson time 17:48 min

Discover how Wolfgang worked his way up from an Austrian hotel kitchen to open his own Michelin-rated restaurants. Learn how hard work, risk-taking, and innovation influenced his journey.

Wolfgang Puck
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Well, I was born in Austria, in a small little town called Sankt Veit. But my parents didn't live in town, they lived about five miles out of town. It wasn't even a village. It was like two farmers and five houses. I remember we had no television. We didn't have no telephone in our house. But the food was always pretty good. My mother was a really good cook, and my grandmother was a really good cook, so they could do a lot of things with very little. When I was 14, I had to decide what to do with my life afterward. Should I go to school? I wanted to become an architect. The only school was in Vienna at that time. And I said, you know, my parents don't have the money to send me to Vienna. So then my mother called the lady who ran the hotel where she worked, and says, what should I do with my son? And then she said, OK, my friend who I went to school with runs this hotel in Villach, which is a little town 50 miles away from my house. My stepfather wanted me to become a mason, or a carpenter, or mechanic, any of what he said manly profession. He was a coal miner, so for him, cooking was a woman at home. Before I left I said, I'm going to start cooking. He said, oh you're good for nothing, you will be home in another week or two. So he was not a nice guy. I actually call him a terrorist, so he's terrible. He was terrible to my mother. He was terrible to me. He used to beat me up when I did something wrong. So that's why when I found a job like, 50 miles away, I said, it's perfect, I can leave the house. So they packed me my little suitcase and took me there. And on the way my stepfather didn't say goodbye. He said, you are good for nothing, you will be back in two weeks. And I said no. So then I go to this hotel, started in the kitchen peeling potatoes, onions, carrots, washing salads, and washing spinach, and cleaning the oven, and cleaning the floor. They didn't have kitchen helper whatsoever, so the apprentices had to do that. And I was the last one in, I had to do the worst job. One day on a Sunday we ran out of potato puree. We ran out of mashed potatoes. We ran out of potatoes in all. And all of a sudden, it was all my fault. Meanwhile, there were 20 young people in the kitchen. So the chef told me, oh, you're good for nothing, go back to your mother, she can breastfeed you for another year so you grow up a little bit. And I just looked at him. At the end of the service, he says OK, you can go home. And I said, oh my god, now my stepfather is right. I have to go back home. And I said, no way, I'm not going home. Then at night, I go over the bridge. There was a big river going through the city. I had my jacket on, it was cold, it was in the beginning of winter. And I said, I'm going to kill myself, I'm going to jump into the river. So I was standing on the brid...

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Much easier to follow than other cooking courses. Very much suited to home cooks and those without huge budgets.

I tried many of the recipes but I learned that everything doesn't come right away. I didn't cook the bechamel long enough so it tasted floury, but I tried again and now I am cooking really well. Thank you!

Such a wonderful class! Wolfgang really seems to love what he does and seems like a very kind and smart person! I learned a great deal and very much appreciated learning the proper way to cook vegetables. I enjoyed seeing some interesting vegetarian/vegan dishes! Inspiring!!! Keep it up, chef! :)

Great class will have to rewatch to practice dishes presented. Very thorough and interesting.


A fellow student

Where can I buy the materials for cocktails- vermouth,campari,peach puree & simple syrup in USA ?Any particular store that sells it ?

Susan A.

This lesson above all is about life and taking risks, but above all is about knowing what YOU want to do and what you do NOT want to do. Very informative and interesting discussion, for sure.

Jayden N.

I live in Singapore, and CUT is the best steakhouse here! I have tried all famous steakhouse and this is the best.. Amazing and inspiring journey! I would love to meet you one day.

Angela K.

You deserve all the success you have. I am glad you didn’t jump 💛. Thank you for sharing and allowing us to enjoy your delicious food. I had the privilege to go to Spago several years ago and I ate one of the best steaks I ever ate in my life. My Father in-law used to sell you fish.

A fellow student

This lesson flew by so quickly. WP is not just a good cook but an excellent communicator.

Christine A.

Love his determination! I have to keep trying until I can make things right.

Glenn J.

wow... what a ride. Work ethic is the key to success no matter the industry. Glad you didn't jump off that bridge as well!


Chapeau for his way!! I admire the positive, simple and natural way he talks about everything. It seems to me that Wolfgang made the best out of every situation he had to go through....Once again : resilience, passion and quality are a fantastic life recipe!

A fellow student

I've always been an admirer, but never have I had so much respect for a chef as I do at this moment. My father (recently deceased) was born in Lithuania, brew up in the slums of the Bronx, and excelled to great heights in his career. It seems sometimes those facing the most adversity develop the deepest hearts and soul. I salute you, Wolfgang. What a splendid journey for a youngster facing such odds.

K S.

My favorite all time restaurant was Spago's off the sunset strip. I was lucky enough to dine there many times. I remember Wolfgang working his magic in front of the pizza oven. I remember the amazing and ever changing flower arrangements in the lobby. With all that said, THE most amazing thing I remember was the desert sample tray. Basically they included all the deserts on a single tray, including the awesome cookies. After dinner we would head down to Tower Records. If you can, try to find Wolfgang's first cook book "The Wolfgang Puck Cookbook" for its the best ever.