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Professional makeup artist Bobbi Brown says: “I don't think women realize that you have to redo your foundation and your concealer in the evening, but it does make a big difference, especially if you're using darker shadows on your eyes.”



What Is a Concealer Brush?

An integral part of any beauty toolkit, the small but mighty concealer brush features a flat end of firmly-packed synthetic bristles that create complete coverage of small blemishes, dark circles, or acne scarring, when used to blend powders and creams together to match skin tone. (For larger areas, consider a blending sponge.)

How to Use a Concealer Brush

What the concealer brush lacks in precision, it makes up for in versatility. From buff to shade, consider it’s various uses, below.

  1. Eyes. To supplement your collection of eyeshadow brushes: with the fluffy end, pick up some eye shadow powder and quickly dab across the lid, swiping into place with a horizontal motion.
  2. Cheekbones. To supplement your collection of contour brushes: add highlights to your cheeks by blending a light bronzer or shimmery highlighter across the top bone.
  3. Under eyes. To cover dark circles, select a neutral skin tone near your own and blend in the under eye area, using a circular motion, for a perfectly shaded undereye concealer.
  4. Brows. Useful for populating sparse areas, the flat brush can fill color and help reshape eyebrows. Use with an angled brush for a more precise effect.
  5. Lips. Since this brush blends well, certain creamy cosmetics formulas are a good candidate for achieving a lipstick look — without the lipstick.

Bobbi Brown’s Recommended Concealer Brushes

The makeup mogul recommends her favorite brushes for complete coverage:

  1. Retractable Dual-Tip Concealer Brush by Chanel. A dual-sided brush that works with liquids, creams, powders, and other formulas.
  2. F75 Concealer Brush by Sigma Beauty. A rounded, tapered flat brush better suited for liquid formulas.
  3. The Duet Concealer Brush by Kevyn Aucoin. For precision application, a dual-sided brush that can take both small and large areas alike.
  4. E57 Pointed Concealer Brush by Morphe. A pointed tip makes this small brush a powerhouse for concealing scarring and blemishes.

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