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Thanks to a job known as ghostwriting, some writers can make a full-time living on projects that do not even bear their own name.



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Someone may have an idea for a novel, memoir, magazine article, or another literary piece, but they just don’t have the time—or writing skills—to get it done properly. Freelance writers can offer their services for ghostwriting at an hourly rate or flat fee, depending on the level of work involved. However, ghostwriting is not for everyone, and it’s important to understand what it entails.

What Is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is when another writer takes on the book writing responsibility of an author or client. Many times this is done when a person cannot or does not want to write their own book, but has a strong idea for one. They will often hire a freelancer to serve as a ghostwriter in order to get their book project written. A good ghostwriter captures the client’s voice, while properly executing their literary vision.

4 Types of Ghostwriting Projects

Ghostwriting is used for subject matter beyond the usual celebrity memoir, and it’s more likely a ghostwriter will be rehired by a client for future works in order to keep the writing style consistent. If you’re interested in becoming a professional ghostwriter, there are many fields you can provide services to:

  1. Nonfiction books. Any kind of nonfiction book—whether it’s business, finance, restauranteering, farming—will likely have ghostwritten books in those genres, most times because the person wanting to publish the book is not a professional writer.
  2. Speeches. Some public figures may have speech writers write every word they say in front of cameras and live audiences. Others may just need a good writer to structure the perfect toast. Regardless of the reason, ghostwriting services are available for a wide breadth of speeches for any occasion.
  3. Internet content. Blogging and social media posts will also provide ghostwriting work. Lifestyle bloggers may enlist the services of a writer to help publish content on the site while they work on expanding their brand. Influencers might hire others to ghostwrite the captions for their photos if writing isn’t their strong suit. Experienced ghostwriters can turn around content quickly, and usually know how to optimize SEO to increase the marketability of your subject matter and expand your audience.
  4. Book proposals. Ghostwriting a solid proposal in order to help an author’s work get sold is a common practice in the book publishing world. Some first-time authors may enlist the aid of a ghostwriter in order to help write or polish their materials before submitting to publishing houses. In the publishing world, you need your submission to stand out, and an experienced ghostwriter can help some authors achieve that.
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What Is the Difference Between Ghostwriting and Co-Authoring?

Ghostwriting and co-authoring are two different forms of writing:

  • Ghostwriting can take an original work to the next level, or lay the groundwork for a new writing project. However, ghostwriting is often done along with the guidance of the client.
  • Co-authoring is when you and an author work together, actively collaborating and participating in the work necessary in order to complete a piece of writing.

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