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How Many Glasses In a Bottle of Wine?

Written by MasterClass

Mar 15, 2019 • 2 min read

If you’ve ever spent a confusing few minutes at dinner trying to work out if buying a bottle of wine is going to be more cost-effective than ordering by the glass, this handy cheat sheet is just what you need. It’s also useful when cooking with wine.


How Big is a Standard Bottle of Wine?

A standard bottle of wine is 750 mL.

How Much Does a Bottle of Wine Hold?

A standard bottle of wine holds five glasses of wine, each measuring 5 fluid ounces.

How Many Fluid Ounces in 750mL?

There are roughly 25 fluid ounces in 750ml. So, five five-ounce wine glasses = 25 ounces in one 750 ml bottle.

How Many Fluid Ounces in a Bottle of Wine?

There are 25 fluid ounces in one standard bottle of wine.

How Many Fluid Ounces in a Wine Glass?

There are five fluid ounces in a wine glass.

How Many Glasses in a Bottle of Wine?

There are five glasses in a standard bottle of wine.

How Many mL in a Wine Glass?

One wine glass = roughly 147 mL.

How Many Fluid Ounces in Each Glass of Wine?

A standard white wine glass holds around 12 fluid ounces (360 mL). A standard red wine glass holds around 12-14 fluid ounces (415 mL).

17 Different Wine Bottle Sizes

Wine bottle sizes are categorized using an intimidatingly meticulous system of different volumes, with names derived from biblical kings. Here are all the different sizes of wine bottles, and how much they each hold.

  1. Split or Piccolo: 187.5 mL, or one glass of wine.
  2. Half or Demi: 375 mL, or 2.5 glasses of wine.
  3. Half-liter or Jennie: 500 mL, or 3 glasses of wine.
  4. Standard: 750 mL, or 5 glasses of wine.
  5. Liter: 1 L, or 7 glasses of wine.
  6. Magnum: 1.5 L, or 2 standard bottles, or 10 glasses of wine.
  7. Jeroboam or Double Magnum: 3 L, or 4 standard bottles, or 20 glasses of wine.
  8. Rehoboam: 4.5 L, or 6 standard bottles, or 30 glasses of wine.
  9. Methuselah: 6 L, or 12 standard bottles, or 40 glasses of wine.
  10. Salmanazar: 9 L, or 60 glasses of wine.
  11. Balthazar: 12 L, or 16 standard bottles, or 80 glasses of wine.
  12. Nebuchadnezzar: 15 L, or 20 standard bottles, or 100 glasses of wine.
  13. Melchior: 18 L, or 24 standard bottles, or 120 glasses of wine.
  14. Solomon: 20 L, or 26 standard bottles, or 130 glasses of wine.
  15. Sovereign: 26 L, or 35 standard bottles, or 175 glasses of wine.
  16. Primat or Goliath: 27 L, or 36 standard bottles, or 180 glasses of wine.
  17. Melchizedek or Midas: 30 L, or 40 standard bottles, or 200 glasses of wine. The Midas is the biggest bottle of wine in the world.

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