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How to Do a Backside Tailslide in 4 Steps

Written by MasterClass

Last updated: Nov 8, 2020 • 1 min read

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Skateboarding tricks come in all styles and levels of difficulty. Flip tricks and grind tricks are fun ways to add flair and complexity to your skateboarding skills. With enough practice, you can pull off cool moves that can help you win competitions or impress your friends at the skatepark.



Tony Hawk Teaches SkateboardingTony Hawk Teaches Skateboarding

Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk teaches you how to take your skateboarding to the next level, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

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What Is a Backside Tailslide?

A backside tailslide (or BS tailslide) is a skateboard trick where the skater slides the back tail of the skateboard deck (the part between the heel and the back truck) along a ledge or railing. The BS tailslide also comes in a frontside version (FS tailslide).

How to Do a Backside Tailslide

A backside tailslide is a trick that requires momentum and proper balance. To successfully pull off your own backside tailslide, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Keep your skateboard parallel. Skate parallel to the obstacle you want to jump onto, keeping it on your backside.
  2. Pop and rotate. As you pop your ollie, rotate your shoulders, turning backside 90 degrees so the tail of your board lands on the side of the ledge or railing and slides.
  3. Control your rotation. Once on the obstacle, stop your shoulder rotation and point your head in the direction you’re heading. If you fail to stop your board, you might land on its side or bottom, risking injury.
  4. Land it. Spot the landing and ride away.
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