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The shuvit (or shove-it) is a simple move skaters can perform as a solo trick, or as part of a combination with other flip tricks, creating complex-looking maneuvers. Like most skate tricks, shuvits take practice, and also require proper balance and technique.



What Is a Shuvit?

A shuvit is a skateboarding trick where the skateboarder executes a flat spin of the board, turning it 180 degrees or more in the air. The front foot remains in place while the back foot “shoves” the skateboard, making it spin. As the board turns, the tail of the board does not touch the ground until the skateboarder lands.

Shuvits are easier to pull off while in mid-air, so skateboarders will often use an ollie to achieve enough height, turning it into a pop shuvit (or pop shove-it).

4 Types of Shuvits

There are many different types of shuvits skaters can perform, such as:

  1. Backside pop shuvit: A backside pop shuvit is a skateboarding trick that combines a shuvit with the pop of an ollie. With a backside pop shuvit, the skater performs an ollie to pop the board into the air, spinning it 180 degrees towards the backside and then landing.
  2. Frontside pop shuvit: Similar to the backside pop shuvit, a frontside pop shuvit involves the skater performing an ollie to pop the board into the air, spinning it 180 degrees towards the frontside, before landing on it once again.
  3. 360 pop shuvit: A 360 pop shuvit is the same as the 180 shuvit, except the board spins a full 360 degrees. Your ollie needs to reach enough height so that the board has plenty of room to clear and spin beneath you for a full rotation. You can also transition this into a 540 or 720 degree (or more) spin, and perform it towards the frontside or backside.
  4. Late pop shuvit: A late pop shuvit is performed similarly to the standard pop shuvit, except the skater waits until the ollie is at its peak before executing the shuvit maneuver to spin the board.
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How to Pop Shuvit

A pop shuvit (or pop shove-it) is a more aggressive version of the shuvit, as it uses the pop of an ollie to achieve the necessary air. To pull off your own frontside pop shuvit, check out the following steps below:

  1. Get the right foot placement. For your back foot position, your big toe should press on the tip of the tail. Position your front foot slightly in front of the middle of the board with your heel on the board and your toes hanging off.
  2. Ollie and push. While performing a basic ollie, pop the tail of the board while also pushing it out toeside to start your skateboard’s frontside rotation beneath you.
  3. Guide the board. Use your front foot to guide your board as it rotates so it completes a full 180 degrees.
  4. Catch the board. When the board has nearly completed the full 180-degree turn, catch it with your front foot to stop its rotation, then catch it with your back foot and bring it down to complete the trick, keeping your balance in the process.

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