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How to Dress for Your Body Shape

Written by MasterClass

Last updated: Nov 8, 2020 • 2 min read

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Every person’s body is unique, and you'll never know which clothing styles make you feel great until you try them on. Describing your body as a shape—as imperfect a metaphor as that might be—can give you an idea of which clothes will suit you best. Of course, the only way to truly know how an item will look on your body is to try it on, so be adventurous.



Tan France Teaches Style for EveryoneTan France Teaches Style for Everyone

Queer Eye cohost Tan France breaks down the principles of great style, from building a capsule wardrobe to looking pulled together every day.

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How to Dress for Your Body Shape

Once you’ve measured your proportions and know your body type, you’re ready to find the clothes that are most flattering for you. Learn how to take your own measurements and find your body shape with our complete guide here.

  1. Apple body type: If you have an apple body shape, your upper half (bust and waistline) is wider than your lower half (hips and legs). Experiment with V-neck tops, ruffles, and empire-waist dresses to accentuate your bustline. If you're feeling a bit top-heavy and want to bring more balance to your look, try low- or mid-rise pants and a bell bottom or straight leg. Alternatively, show off your legs with a chic pencil skirt, minidress, or skinny jeans.
  2. Pear body type: If you have a pear body shape, your hips are the widest part of your body. You may want to show off your defined waistline and curvy bottom half with high-waisted pants and a statement belt. If you want to balance your proportions by drawing attention to your top half, try a shoulder-defining blazer, a puff-sleeve blouse, or a strapless top. A boat neck top is also a great way to draw attention to your shoulders.
  3. Rectangle body type: If you have a rectangle body shape, your hip and bust measurements are about the same width as your waist. Play around with emphasizing different parts of your body with cut-outs, sleeveless tops, off-the-shoulder tops, sweetheart necklines, and A-line skirts and dresses.
  4. Hourglass body type: An hourglass body shape means you have a defined waist, and the fullest part of your bust is roughly the same width as your hips. Draw attention to your narrow waist with belted high-waisted pants, crop tops, and wrap dresses. A trench or jacket that belts at your midsection is a fun option for outerwear for highlighting your hourglass figure.
  5. Triangle body type: Broad shoulders and an upper body that is wider than your lower body are what define the triangular body shape. If you want to bring balance to your look, experiment with A-line dresses, which create volume in the bottom half. Take inspiration from '90s music videos and pair baggy cargo pants with a crop top, or flaunt your legs in skinny jeans or leggings.

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