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How to Lipslide on a Skateboard: 4 Step Lipslide Tutorial

Written by MasterClass

Last updated: Jun 22, 2020 • 1 min read

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Tony Hawk Teaches Skateboarding

Skateboard tricks are a fun and challenging way to improve your skill level, win some competitions, or simply show off for friends at the skatepark. If you’ve been practicing the basic moves and are confident in your abilities as a skater, you can move on to a more advanced move, like the lipslide.



Tony Hawk Teaches SkateboardingTony Hawk Teaches Skateboarding

Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk teaches you how to take your skateboarding to the next level, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

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What Is a Lipslide?

The lipslide is a skateboarding trick where the skater pops onto the edge of a structure or handrail, sliding along it on the center of the board between the two trucks. With a lipslide, the tail of the board goes up and over a structure first (whereas the boardslide trick leads with the nose).

A lipslide can be performed off any structure with a coping (slidable edge), like a ramp, inground pool, or railing. A lipslide is a fairly advanced trick, and should only be performed once a skateboarder is comfortable performing ollies and frontside 180s.

How to Do a Lipslide

Once you have mastered some basic beginner skate tricks, you can attempt your own lipslide:

  1. Approach at an angle. Approach the coping at an angle as if carving, with enough speed to get over it. You’ll need to maintain your momentum until you reach the end of the structure’s lip you’re sliding on.
  2. Snap and shift. Just before the lip, snap your tail with your back foot to perform a frontside ollie, making sure to move your front foot forward to the nose of the board as you rise up.
  3. Rotate and slide. While in the air, turn your board enough to clear the nose of the board and front truck over the obstacle, landing the middle of the board on the coping, perpendicular to the structure. With the lip positioned between your front trucks and back trucks, your momentum should keep you sliding along the edge.
  4. Land it. With your front foot still on the nose of your board, press down with it to lift your back wheels over the coping so you can reenter the ramp.
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