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Learn About Leadership Styles: The Feminine Style of Management

Written by MasterClass

Last updated: Nov 8, 2020 • 2 min read

Leadership culture is both a private and public act, scrutinized at not just a professional level, but a social one — and as a result, some industries have begun to embrace a holistic new paradigm.

Truly effective leadership goes far beyond deft problem-solving or profit margins: the management styles of the world’s better leaders make them role models for their team members. By acknowledging the inherent strengths and weaknesses of human beings, especially in the workplace, managers can develop more nuanced and effective leadership qualities.

As society’s understanding of both gender roles and gender fluidity continues to grow, so too does the understanding of what has been termed “feminine” and “masculine” styles of leadership and management.



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What Is the Feminine Style of Management?

“Feminine leadership” is a style of management adopted by leaders of all genders. Traditionally, it’s used as a kind of shorthand for an approach that places an emphasis on empathy, humility, and relationship dynamics in business practice. The result can deliver a more considered—rather than impulsive—decision-making process and subsequent action.

This flexibility and humane lens on productivity can be more in tune with a company’s actual culture and needs of its employees, making for a more pleasant workplace, higher retention, and stronger engagement within the team. Learn more about styles of leadership in our complete guide here.

6 Resources for Women Leaders

Yes, it’s the twenty-first century. Still, research shows that female leaders in the United States are the exception to the rule.

Early on in her entrepreneurial career, Spanx founder Sara Blakely joined an entrepreneur’s group made of about 10 people—all men. At the time, finding a group of female entrepreneurs wasn’t easy, and the men in her group, she later learned, made bets early on about how long she’d remain in business (later, many of them ended up coming to her for advice). She’s been meeting with that same group for nearly 17 years.

Today, there is a multitude of groups all over the world for female entrepreneurs; Joining one can help you firm up your entrepreneurial mindset and introduce you to other people who are going through the same ups and downs.

A few networking groups and events for women:

Co-working spaces:

  • The Wing

Perhaps the best-known women’s co-working space, The Wing has locations in New York City, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Toronto, Boston, London, Chicago, and Seattle.

  • Make Lemonade

Located in Toronto only, this space was created by freelancer Rachel Kelly. It offers a variety of membership packages, so it’s more affordable for newer entrepreneurs able to invest less in meeting people at their workspace.

  • Hera Hub

With spaces across the U.S.—San Diego, Washington, D.C., Phoenix, Atlanta—as well as an international location in Sweden, Hera Hub offers hourly rates and a range of monthly memberships. It emphasizes networking and starting your own business.



It’s basic, but going to Meetup’s website will let you search for events near you. Search “entrepreneurs” and “networking” and see what you might find.

  • Ladies Who Launch

With events around the world, this organization allows for international networking and large, diverse group meetups.

  • The Female Entrepreneur Association:

This group focuses on women who already have their businesses up and running and who can support each other from that unique and empowering vantage point.

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