Chef Thomas Keller’s Perfect Oven Roasted Chicken Recipe: Learn How to Roast a Chicken

Written by MasterClass

Last updated: Mar 28, 2023 • 4 min read

“Roasted chicken reminds me of places I’ve been in the past. It is one of those preparations that crosses all geographic boundaries and all social boundaries and even economic boundaries. Everybody loves roasted chicken.” - Chef Thomas Keller, chef owner of Michelin-starred The French Laundry

Chef Thomas Keller is often asked what he would want as his last meal. His menu varies depending on his mood, but one dish is always on it: roast chicken. It’s a personal favorite, and a signature item at his restaurant, Bouchon.

Chef Keller loves the contrasting flavors and textures from different parts of the chicken, from the pope’s nose at the tail, to the wings and thighs, and on to the “oysters” between the back and the leg. He’s not alone. Roast chicken was also one of Julia Child’s favorite dishes. When she visited The French Laundry, Chef Keller says, the staff always sent out a roast chicken for her.

Here, you will find the methodology behind oven roasting, along with Chef Thomas Keller’s recipe for the perfect roast chicken.