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Breakfast Recipes Compilation: List of Breakfast Recipes

Written by MasterClass

May 24, 2019 • 3 min read

Breakfast, if you believe conventional wisdom, is the most important meal of the day. For some, the halls of breakfast are hallowed places; for others, it’s on-the-go and strictly utilitarian. Sometimes the best breakfast is a solitary hard-boiled egg, still warm in its shell, and sometimes it’s a full-on tower of fluffy carbs covered in maple syrup. Sometimes it’s served for dinner. The best breakfast is in the eye of the beholder.


What Is Breakfast?

Breakfast is loosely categorized as the first meal of the day, often enjoyed in the morning. (And yes, for these purposes, let’s count brunch as breakfast.)

Typical Breakfast Foods

Breakfast across the world runs the sweet-savory gamut, but usually anchors around combinations of dairy, starch, fruits (fresh, or in the form of jams), and eggs.

  • Eggs. Whether it’s fried eggs tucked into a breakfast sandwich, over-easy eggs alongside hashbrowns and sausage, or scrambled to perfection, healthy, versatile eggs command a huge swath of the breakfast pantheon.
  • Breakfast bowls. From Hong Kong-style congee, to oatmeal sprinkled with brown sugar and dried fruit, to antioxidant-packed açai bowls layered with fresh granola or Greek yogurt parfaits, breakfast reaches new heights when it’s served in a bowl.
  • The liquid breakfast list is vast and serves many purposes—from sanity-saving coffee and tea, to protein-packed smoothies, to festive tipples like Bloody Marys, mimosas, and bellinis. If it helps you wake up, let’s call it breakfast.

A List of 8 Breakfast Recipes and Brunch Ideas

Check out this selection of breakfast favorites:

  1. Soft-boiled eggs. There’s something very fancy about dipping toast points into a runny yolk, especially when it’s still contained in its shell, surrounded by perfectly set egg whites. Set soft-boiled eggs in an egg cup for a little extra pomp, or remove the shell and toss them (ever so gently) into a bowl of steaming savory porridge for added richness.
  2. Scrambled eggs. Humans, they say, are born knowing how to scramble an egg. That may be true, but it can’t hurt to brush up on the basics. Get the low-heat lowdown from Chefs Thomas Keller and Wolfgang Puck.
  3. Poached eggs. Out of all the egg recipes to choose from, poached eggs might be one of the most intimidating, but when perched on a freshly toasted English muffin and peeking out from beneath a veil of hollandaise for eggs Benedict, all fear is forgotten.
  4. Pancakes. When in doubt, order—or better, make—pancakes. These fluffy brunch favorites have the power to stretch out a morning and are customizable to no end. Make them healthy, with ancient grains and studded with blueberries, or indulge with chocolate chips. Find all the tips you need, here.
  5. Croissants. Nothing suggests it’s going to be a good day like the buttery inner flakes of a good croissant. That “honeycomb” is essential to this cornerstone of viennoiserie—learn how to make your own from Chef Dominique Ansel and watch every last crumb disappear.
  6. Fried chicken. It’s good at any hour, but at breakfast or brunch, fried chicken hits all the salty, savory high-notes loud and clear. Learn how to make Chef Thomas Keller’s craggy, buttermilk-dredged version and pair it with everything from crisp, doughy waffles to sausage gravy and biscuits.
  7. Banana bread. Most breads could be qualified as “breakfast breads,” but banana bread feels uniquely suited to the morning. Maybe it’s the deep caramel notes of the fruit, or the way it plays nice with whole grains. No matter which way you slice it, it’s a breakfast win, especially served with a swipe of cream cheese for good measure.
  8. Quiche. No one’s saying you can’t have pie for breakfast, but why not combine a melt-in-your-mouth crust with a velvety egg custard for something even greater? A quiche (or a low-carb/gluten-free option, the frittata) can be whatever you need it to be, whether a virtuous vegetable-packed masterpiece or “bacon and eggs” by another name. Swirl in clouds of ricotta for added creaminess, or mix in thin slices of sweet potato or turkey for protein.