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Learn why intellectual curiosity, learning on the job, and finding a mentor are important for every entrepreneur.

Topics include: Learn on the Job · Be Curious and Ask Questions · Find a Mentor


Learn why intellectual curiosity, learning on the job, and finding a mentor are important for every entrepreneur.

Topics include: Learn on the Job · Be Curious and Ask Questions · Find a Mentor

Howard Schultz

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Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz rose from a childhood in public housing to leading a company that revolutionized the way the world drinks coffee. With no formal business education, he relied on his values while growing a 13-store chain into a global brand with more than 250,000 employees. In his 90-minute video series, Howard shares what he’s learned about business leadership and being an entrepreneur.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

After taking this class, I grew angry. I wasted thousands of dollars learning this stuff at a university. He's so awesome!

Lots of great information and thought-provoking challenges that will positively impact my business.

A must for all entrepreneurs and business professionals. He earned my conservative vote, if he decides to run for Pres.

This helps to plan my future to be an good leader in the company.


Angela D.

Yes. You can spot the ones who are really wanting to learn and grow and do a good job, compared to those who just want the pay.

Marty F.

Again interesting Howard. From the perspective of a Director how to spot talent with the right attitude and awareness to move your brand forward. Youth are your brands future. Also how to think/seek to move your brand forward. Believe it or not I was actually thinking of looking very carefully for the right person and starting them as a director so they would be motivated a crazy idea my accountant said of course. Maybe director for a day.

Vic S.

My first job out of college was with Canon, selling copiers and fax machines door to door. It was amazing training and we also had to knock on 50 doors a day. I only lasted two weeks, but I learned lessons for a lifetime. I certainly would rather to sit back and sip coffee with Howard, than do that again.

A fellow student

Personally I don't come to these classes as much to learn new, "never before heard", information. There is very little of that in the world. Especially in todays constant flow of free exchange of ideas via the internet. I come here more to be reminded of things I already know in part and in particular how and when to use each of these things in different settings and disciplines. What I have noticed about the "masters" in any field, is they often don't do amazing fly to the moon stuff, they often take some raw talent and hone it with constant daily application in the same direction, day after day after day. I really appreciate the chance to hear from these masters in their various spheres of experience, and I hope my honed talent can be of benefit to as many people as possible, far beyond just myself.

A fellow student

I'm not getting much from this stream-of-consciousness approach. (Other classes are the same.) The individual ideas are fined, but the shotgun smattering of ideas without depth isn't very valuable.

A fellow student

I guess the reason why I've signed up to this course means that I already have a level of curiosity. So far, if I'm honest, I haven't heard anything new.

andrea S.

Im amaze by how many people hear had the opportunity to be mentor by someone. I'm in my 40 and didn't had this opportunity altho i was looking for, in the bad and good life that was presenter in from of me was and still is my mentoring experience, reading books also help, i realise most of all, we need to trust our guts, have some one sharing the experience can certainly help and get somewhere faster, altho taking the time and learn on our own skin is not bad understanding how to deal with those situations and learn from it.

peter C.

very true, all ways learning. wish someone taught me this when i was young

Tom B.

So many of the things you said here I did!!! My mentor was the best and he taught me things no classroom ever could and I miss him but remember all he invested in me. I too am 65 and am still working and learning new things from clients as well as employees. You can learn from anybody if you'll just pay attention! This lesson hit home, Howard!

carlos P.

Students Forever. With knowledge changing at such a fast pace, either you open up and accept that what you know now is going to be obsolete very soon or you might as well just die. Therefore, to be alive, you must keep learning permanently...Student Forever!!!