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Howard Schultz

Lesson time 04:58 min

Howard Schultz didn’t have an MBA or an Ivy League degree, but he had a dream of building an enduring company. He tells you how to face self-doubt when starting your journey as an entrepreneur.

Howard Schultz
Business Leadership
Former Starbucks CEO shares lessons from nearly 40 years of leading one of the world’s top brands.
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Build a Business That Lasts

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz rose from a childhood in public housing to leading a company that revolutionized the way the world drinks coffee. With no formal business education, he relied on his values while growing a 13-store chain into a global brand with more than 250,000 employees. In his 90-minute video series, Howard shares what he’s learned about business leadership and being an entrepreneur.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Overall is awesome, but need to address broader and lengthy lesson for business leadership.

As a cofounder, this class has helped me learn and work on some valuable strategies, behaviors, and lessons to carry through with the rest of my team and partners.

Howards conviction, leadership and approach has and always will be inspiring.

Empowering the people that work in the company is fundamental, they must share our values and embrace the idea as their own.


James M.

It's a privilege to get 90-minutes of wisdom from a business leader like Howard Schultz. This class is primarily aimed at entrepreneurs. It's somewhat elementary for established business leaders. There are some great nuggets of wisdom about values-based-leadership, how crucial transparency and accountability is within an organization, and what to do (and what not to do) with competitive intelligence.

Cédric J.

Leçon 1 : Howard Schultz : Jump In. Starbucks dans 75 pays pour 3,500 boutiques. Le coût de sa création d'entreprise aujourd'hui n'a jamais été aussi bas, à cause de la technologie. On vit dans une période mémorable. Le consommateur et ouvert pour de nouvelles opportunités, de nouveaux produits et de nouvelles idées. Il n'y a pas de barrière sur la largeur du marché. Pour démarrer son entreprise il suffit d'avoir une bonne discipline et de la prévenance. Avoir une responsabilité moral envers les gens et la communauté que nous servons. La question : qu'es-tu a sacrifié pour tant d'effort ? Parce que ça va être dur. Il n'y as pas de manuel, ni de mentor pour vous jetez dans la piscine, il n'y a que votre COURAGE et votre conviction de l'idée à ce MOMENT pour toi et ta famille. Ne dit pas à 60 ANS j'ai des regrets, je voulais faire ça et je ne l'ai pas fait. Retourne toi et dit toi, j'ai essayé ceci même si ça n'a pas marché, j'ai encore essayé, prend des risques calculer. ÊTRE UN ENTREPRENEUR, c'est dans ton sang, si ce n'est pas le cas, c'est OK. Nous ne sommes pas tous fait pour être entrepreneur. Si tu le ressens au fond de toi que tu l'es SAUTE DANS LA PISCINE.


Very timely opening for people who wish to dive into entrepreneurship at this challenging time. But, guess there is no best time to do it, just like any other ventures. The market crisis has put many back into a level playing field, and only the fittest or those who willing to think or walk the extra miles will survived.

Leroy H.

Ha! It seems like a hard time to start a business right now! But it is a great time to learn some hard lessons. Unfortunately we have to learn hard lessons to succeed.

Pablo G.

I think that you need a good base (safe zone, not comfort zone) to jump in the pool on entrepreneur; i have a new project in my mind, but at the same time i've been working in a company that i love (beacuse they live and believe in the positive impact that sport provide to people in the world) but i think every person needs to jump in the pool once at a time.

Vivi Z.

People usually prescribe some criteria for success - and making that a great excuse to stop progressing because I don't have an MBA, my educational background is poor, the timing is not good, my network of the resources is not strong, etc. What we need most, is the courage to jump into the pool without a life jacket - not boldly, but more bravely following your calling inside.

Miss Maria N.

I understand what you built took alot of time. Thise words from the very beginning hurt. It will not stop me just wasnt ready for that age to be a factored into the master class. We all learn at differnt points and times. Ok my truth out the way!

Miss Maria N.

I jumped in the pool at 8 and over and ober again till today 54. I dont reget I just saw founder and was moved to jump in again and swim because i been swimming so long so i know how to stay a float. I am ready to enjoy the water looking forward. 💗💗💗💗💗Ray Krox :)!

Pureum K.

I like the motivational message. But he needs to admit that he has higher analytic ability plus discipline than average people. Agree, with jumping in the pool but you can almost drown too.

A fellow student

Fiduciary and moral responsibilities are often in conflict with one another. One calls for profits before people. The other calls for people before profits. You cannot reconcile them both.