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Find the Right Investors

Howard Schultz

Lesson time 09:17 min

Howard shares his advice on how to find the right investors for your business and what to communicate to a potential investor.

Howard Schultz
Business Leadership
Former Starbucks CEO shares lessons from nearly 40 years of leading one of the world’s top brands.
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Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz rose from a childhood in public housing to leading a company that revolutionized the way the world drinks coffee. With no formal business education, he relied on his values while growing a 13-store chain into a global brand with more than 250,000 employees. In his 90-minute video series, Howard shares what he’s learned about business leadership and being an entrepreneur.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I loved his approach and genuine authenticity about being successful. Howard was very relatable.

Excellent Class! Thank you, Howard. The insights from your own business journey were invaluable for me. I will visit this class again soon.

As I said, this masterclass was the best mentorship that I've done in years. I felt like I'd Howard with me in a conversation where I asked the exactly question that I need to know and had direct responses for these questions. Simply delighted!

I'm beginning a new business adventure after 30+ years of being a mom. Howard was a great place to start in gaining wisdom on how to build and stay true to my values and convictions



In my experience in business, a common occurrence is unreasonable expectations and promises of clients and partners. This runs central to discussing agreeing reasonable expectation of the market from the beginning. Excellent focus point. I bounce my head against this daily with partners over selling to get my business or clients with over-expectations in the beginning. Tough conversations in the beginning of relationship expectations have been key to my successes, and failure to do so, the DNA of my failures or most of my challenges. He boils it down wonderfully.

RJane @.

If you have a successful and profitable company, you need lawyers who are experts about investments and can help you with investments. @RJanesRealm

A fellow student

In the beginning stages when I started my company I turned down many investors, good investors with the fear of loosing control. "You will be the one in control if you perform" , amazing insight.

Neil B.

Great - its pretty well rounded and coming from guts when you do it day in n day out!

Tara Jade B.

I've never been so close to investors to actually do the due-diligence on them, but - wow - what a great concept. They need to be at your side, you need to count on their knowhow as well, not just their money, and they for sure need to fit you, truly, if the whole concept is going to work. But, from experience, you get so ecstatic that anyone at all is interested in your brilliant idea, that you forget to enquire about them.

Nadia P.

"I will do anything in my power to make sure you have the return of investment that you deserve" I loved this concept because I think it doesn't only apply to investors, but also to clients. I have been struggling with fear of seals and some sort of shame or guilt around it. But when I heard this phrase it hit me: We want to make sure that our business gives costumers them that same kind of value that we would promise our investors. We want them to go out into the world feeling our company/products like: that was the best money I ever spent. LOVE IT! thanks!

Anouar I.

Mr. Howard, You are a source of inspiration. The way you presented that video is just amazing and hope will help me to Raise fund from investors. I am myself an entrepreneur in the ​Sports and entertainment industry in Dubai calls just play. Just Play Sports Academy is the leading sports facility in Dubai. We have been operating for the past two years from our 90,000 sq. ft facility, housing a range of activities and sports academies: 2 Soccer Pitches – 3 Ninja Warrior Courses - Fitness Gym - Trampoline Park - Climbing Wall - Martial Arts Room - Gymnastics Studio - Dance Studios - 3 Party Rooms. We deliver sports to communities across the country, via school partnerships, our own sports academies, and through government initiatives.

scott G.

I've been involved with more than 15 start ups and early stage companies on the leadership side and the investor side. Howard's emphasis on articulating the personal story to the investors is spot on. Also, the mindfulness to make sure that the quality of the partnerships with the investors is on solid footing. Most early stage companies fail. The one's that prevail require financial partners that you can work through the battles with. Unfortunately, my experience with many venture funds has not shown them to be good partners. Many of the young MBA's assigned to interact with the entrepreneurs are inexperienced and demanding. And, hurtful to real opportunities. I'm also questioning Howard's input about control. In Howard's case, he secured a very experienced head of operations in the early stages of funding. Howard was well mentored, and learned on the job. I doubt that Starbucks would have been the success it is today without Orin Smith mentoring Howard. I feel it is important that the entrepreneurs maintain control, until there is enough proven success and momentum.


These words truly found me at the right time. I'm twenty five and recently build a sales support team for a german automotive startup. Leading and had the department built was one goal I now have achieved. I'm thirsty to build now a much bigger organisation that provides jobs and leaves the control of direction and engagement to me. I hope after finishing this great course some neurons in me will find the needed divine connection to help me see everything a little bit more clear. Thanks a lot, Howard.