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Values and Profits Are Not Enemies

Howard Schultz

Lesson time 11:33 min

Howard shares the origin story of Starbucks, and how he built a company where values and profit are not in conflict.

Howard Schultz
Business Leadership
Former Starbucks CEO shares lessons from nearly 40 years of leading one of the world’s top brands.
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Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz rose from a childhood in public housing to leading a company that revolutionized the way the world drinks coffee. With no formal business education, he relied on his values while growing a 13-store chain into a global brand with more than 250,000 employees. In his 90-minute video series, Howard shares what he’s learned about business leadership and being an entrepreneur.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Mr Shultz is wonderfully and surpassingly a totally genuine person. I say surprised because with a many successes as that man had endorsed, it hasn't gotten to his head.

It has helped me view businesses from a different standpoint, the human, the financial, the entrepreneurial. Thanks,

I loved the class and it felt like Howard Schultz was talking to me directly. I just wish there was more detail and depth

i have only completed this first class. I feel there were a great number of takeaways with forming and developing a company in its infancy. On paper and in theory all the advice sounds great, hopefully i will be able to implement a great deal of it in real life.


Sharice H.

He covered the sadnes of poverty which is a reality for many people . He covered job security which is virtually non existent in today's world. He talks about the needs of health protection which Europeans just take for granted and he did it for his Dad. O.k. the essence of his soul is Love. He put Love into that coffee. Wow.

Sharice H.

This class is something else. I live upstairs from his Sagrada Familia location and go down of course all the time. I came here looking for business inspiration with my own business to help my family and to grow and I was just kind of listening but not really listening but from the moment he said 'I grew up in public housing'. I stopped, really woke-up like I had a cup of coffee, jumped out of bed and realized again this why I signed up for Masterclass. This guy could have grown up, could have became a typical jerk, could have hung out with people who would never EVER DARE admit that they grew up in goverment houses because they do exists but this guy stayed rooted to the truth of his being and that's why Starbucks is rocking the SCENE in front of La Sagrada Familia today. Everytime I go downstairs now I will think to myself, THIS GUY, THIS AMERICAN GUY who GREW UP in government housing is in now places where I watch Spanish royalty visits, a place where the presidents of Spain visits and places all over the world where everyone who is pretty famous and non famous visits yet he came from humble roots and has no problem admitting that. I have to watch more now because I want to know, what is that essence which makes the quality of his soul?

Diana P.

I am gratefully surprised about Howard Schultz leadership,he is very human, honest and comprehensive , trough that leadership style he has created a big company with an amazing culture completely different from other big companies. It not easy to find companies where employees really matters, and their needs are taken into account as seriously as in starbucks, healthcare insurance for parents is really amazing. Definitely Success is best when it's shared.

Cory W.

Lesson 2: **Building a business his dad never had a chance to work for.** Keeping the WHY in front of you at all times and using it drive your passion and results.

Cédric J.

Leçon 2 : Howard Schultz : Values and Profits Are Not Enemies. En 1987 Starbucks à commencer avec 11 Stores. Seulement 100 Employés, ayant un rêve : De bâtir une marque NATIONAL, par rapport au café. Personne n'avait cette expérience en création de marque, en revanche, il avait leur rêve, leur passion, leur inspiration et un ADN d'entrepreneur pour la majoritée d'entre eux. Et il croyait tous à batir une compagnie. Il a créé cette entreprise que son père, n'a jamais pu créer. De 87 à 92 ils ont fait 2 choses qu'ils n'avaient jamais fait avant, en ce qui concernent les travailleurs partiels. 70% des employés voulait retourner à l'école, alors ils ont créé une école gratuite (sans frais) pour chaque employé. Le plus grand succès est en Chine. Des fois il faisait la même erreur. Pendant 9 ans d'insuccès en Chine, il fallait pour cela craquer le code pour avoir une bonne opportunité. 1 PERSONNE, un employé à tout changer Belinda Wong c'est le CEO de Starbucks China, elle a complètement transformé l'entreprise, car c'est une Chinoise et qui bosse pour Starbucks. Un moment Jack Ma d'Ali Baba l'a invité pour une conférence, et il y avait beaucoup de personnes âgées. Howard s'interrogea, ce sont tes employées ? Non, ce sont les parents des fonctionnaires. Howard la famille uni est très important en Chine. Et la personne âgées avait toute ses années était enfant. En Chine les enfants, sont si dévoués pour les parents et les grands-parents. Faut créer une atmosphère FAMILIAL en Chine. Dans une salle, il a invité des milliers de parents et ils sont venus, c'était MAGIQUE. Ils ont fait cette conférence pour que l'entreprise s'adapte à eux et leur famille en Chine. Du coup chaque année, il y avait un meeting entre les employés et leur parent. L'idée à complètement marché. En Chine la chose qu'ils veulent c'est : des soins de santé essentiels COUVERT par Starbucks pour leur parent. Et ils ont vu qu'aucune entreprise US ou China n'avait fait cela pour les parents des employés en Chine. Du coup Starbucks l'a fait en créant un partenariat avec le gouvernement, l'agence d'assurance et Starbucks et ils l'ont annoncé. COME ON.


Healthcare insurance for parents are practically unheard of in many markets in the world today, but an important one. Even in many middle classes in asian countries where the number of children are small and the working adult will have to undertake the responsibility to take care of at least four old folks both his/her parents and in laws (or more if they have grandparents), not to mention about their own offsprings. Heavy burden. Well done Starbucks for being thoughtful on this aspect. Question: many successful companies today elaborated extensively on purpose and doing good for mankind, it is kind of retrospect in many cases. But, at the time when you just started your first outlet, were you motivated more by the success of making profit then or you already have a very strongly ingrained "purpose" in mind. Taking into consideration of your dad's traumatic experience. Thank you!

Leroy H.

China's Government is so evil. I don't see how you can have values and be very successful there. The one child policy was so terrible. Their human rights are non existent. The founder of Communist China killed 60 million plus of their own citizens in the 20th century and they uphold him almost as a god.


I found what Howard Schultz had to say very inspiring. His authenticity came through and so did his sense of humanity and purpose. I am looking forward to learning more from him!

Taylor L.

The biggest takeaway that many start ups neglect is to invest in your employees. You need to attract and maintain people that are going to make your brand a success and this is exactly what Starbucks did. They took the time and resourcing to understand exactly what was important to their employees. Way to go.


Self-doubt, which everyone has through their life cycle, is not the reason to stop you but the factors to prompt you further with recoverable mistakes.