Culinary Arts

Rack of Lamb with Thumbelina Carrots

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 24:07 min

Learn how to gently sear a rack of lamb and finish with oven-roasting. Then make Gordon’s updated versions of the traditional mint jelly and mash—a mint yogurt sauce and glazed root vegetables with star anise.

Gordon Ramsay
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

An intimate class with visual tips that expound the written instructions. He is so expressive in his explanations you can smell the food.

My entire cooking foundation has really come on the lessons and teachings of Gordon Ramsay. I greatly appreciate all that he has done. I genuinely hope there will be a third masterclass of his.

My aim was to learn 5 more cooking dishes this year. I have tried 1 already and on the first attempt it was amazing. Gordon teaches with such passion that you never get bored. I wish he will do the 3rd Masterclass.

Chef Ramsay is an incredible teacher who oozes passion as he discusses each recipe and generously offloads top tips in the kitchen.


Kim S.

Lesson was well done but the lesson pdf was missing some of the directions on the lamb. Return to over at 395F for 6 minutes. Rest for 2 minutes before serving.

Arijana L.

Does anyone know if we can download the videos to watch offline? I will be 8h on a plane so wondering if it's possible :) Thank you!

A fellow student

Hi, you appear to be missing some of the instructions in the pdf? Putting the lamb back in the oven with the crust on is missing

Kevin P.

Cooking times are way off. A rack of Wicklow lamb takes 15-20mins in the oven at 200 C Fan pink inside. The written recipe doesn't give the second roast times or temperature. There's another class about roasting a chicken in 1 hour. I have a massive Gas grille rotisserie that can reach over 500 F and the best time I've managed a chicken just cooked through is 1hr 10mins. Any less and it's raw in the middle. There's not a chance of roasting a chicken in the oven at 190c in an hour. My advice. Get a probe thermometer if you're not sure. I spent 3 months in cookery school and it always makes me laugh when you read these recipes, we had one at school that said to get a lovely pink duck breast, sear in a hot pan 5mins each side and 20 mins 190c in the oven, complete rubbish.

Clair G.

INVALUABLE TOOL! - a cooking probe thermometer. I use mine every single time I put meat in the oven and it is always perfectly cooked without needing to open oven and check meat.

Charlotte B.

Love love love this lamb. I do have one question though. How do you know lamb is done or is it more like steak. I have been told in the past - red meats must come to 145 degree F. If my lamb is bigger it obviously needs more time to cook.

Frances K.

I'm envious how easily he can put in and take out the cast iron skillet from the oven. The struggle is real! I guess I need to use the ricer more often to get anywhere close to those guns, lol.

Ken L.

Loved this lesson. Delicious. Had to improvise on a couple of ingredients. Substituted ground pistachio nuts for the panko. Didn't have tiny turnips or Thumbelina carrots so I used Radish and Belgium Endive. Went to four stores looking for Star Anise to no avail so I used clove for the aromatics. Worked well. Bottom line as Thomas Keller said in his Masterclass, a recipe is just a guideline. Use your imagination and improvise. Don't hesitate just because you do not have the exact ingredients. Cook On!

A fellow student

This meal turned out great. We don't eat lamb too often so Im not sure what it should be like. I found it very gamey. The breading was amazing and would use it with other meats. I could not get Turnip and took a chance with Sunchokes as an alternative. It has a sweet yet nutty flavour so it complimented the carrots and the lamb. The yoghurt was excellent too, very fresh.

Ramona W.

OMG! There are no exact words to describe the flavors of this meal! I waited and prepared this meal for our Valentine's Day Supper. You could not have had a meal like this out, well unless you went to a Gordon Ramsay restaurant! lol The flavors of the glazed carrots and turnips, so sweet, yet not too sweet. I could not find Thumbelina Carrots, so I used Baby Rainbow Carrots and they were perfect. The Basil Crust on the Lamb added and herb flavor that was so perfect with the lamb. I used fresh Basil and Parsley out of my garden. The Potatoes added the perfect crunchy texture and were so delicious too. The Mint Yogurt, was the perfect pairing for the Lamb. I used fresh mint from my garden too. Delicious!!!