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Rack of Lamb with Thumbelina Carrots

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 24:07 min

Learn how to gently sear a rack of lamb and finish with oven-roasting. Then make Gordon’s updated versions of the traditional mint jelly and mash—a mint yogurt sauce and glazed root vegetables with star anise.

Gordon Ramsay
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Another outstanding Masterclass by chef Ramsay! I'll be off practicing shortly.

Gordon’s finessed techniques are out of this world! His teaching style is perfect! So sad this class has ended, yet again.

I learned some new methods of cooking and presentation that I am excited to try. I already tried the miso poaching liquid and it was wonderful.

The "Rolls-Royce" of cooking is back with some amazing tips !


Jacobus V.

There was an error in the workbook as compared to the video. On page 41 of the recipe details the return of the lamb to the oven for the final cooking period (as the increase in temperature to 395) were omitted. This will result in seriously underdone lamb!

A fellow student

I've learnt a lot about Potatoes already as I've started to look at the different varieties. Gordon can you give any further guidance on potato type and uses? Whites for example and other very common varieties? Gordon I’d not seen spinach cooked that way before and it taste great will be cooking it that way from now on. Photograph of Potatoes and Spinach.

A fellow student

made this dish and it turned out amazing! took a little longer to cook but the rack was also far larger than the one in this video. I have never cooked a dish this advance before and his instructions were so easy to follow!

Justin F.

Does anybody have any ideas as to why he choses or even switches between the gas top and induction? Sometimes it seems like he just heats the pan on the gas the goes over to the induction. Just curious what the deciding factor is on which to use.

Matthew B.

Why does the workbook have so much salt added to the basil crust? 2 tablespoons kosher salt!! I don't see him adding any salt and online recipes in Hell's Kitchen doesn't mention it...

A fellow student

In the process of making this recipe. Basil crust calls for 2T of kosher salt. However, Gordon Ramsey does not mention or use salt in the video. I am going to leave this out of the basil crust and was wondering if anyone noticed this discrepancy? Thank you

A fellow student

Unbelievable.. I was literally (I use it correctly, unlike Ramsay) halfway through the cook before I realised no finishing temperature and duration. I used a meat probe but the damage was done because the temp just wasn’t high enough, it still ended up unevenly cooked. Never really had a good outcome with his teachings. I’d take Chef Keller over him any day.

Kim S.

Lesson was well done but the lesson pdf was missing some of the directions on the lamb. Return to over at 395F for 6 minutes. Rest for 2 minutes before serving.

Mike B.

Hi, you appear to be missing some of the instructions in the pdf? Putting the lamb back in the oven with the crust on is missing

Kevin P.

Cooking times are way off. A rack of Wicklow lamb takes 15-20mins in the oven at 200 C Fan pink inside. The written recipe doesn't give the second roast times or temperature. There's another class about roasting a chicken in 1 hour. I have a massive Gas grille rotisserie that can reach over 500 F and the best time I've managed a chicken just cooked through is 1hr 10mins. Any less and it's raw in the middle. There's not a chance of roasting a chicken in the oven at 190c in an hour. My advice. Get a probe thermometer if you're not sure. I spent 3 months in cookery school and it always makes me laugh when you read these recipes, we had one at school that said to get a lovely pink duck breast, sear in a hot pan 5mins each side and 20 mins 190c in the oven, complete rubbish.