Culinary Arts

Szechuan Roasted Whole Chicken

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 12:59 min

Gordon teaches you how to truss and roast a whole chicken encrusted with homemade szechuan pepper mix. Then, carve the chicken into portions you’ll reserve for the salad in Chapter 10 and the ramen broth with udon in Chapter 11.

Gordon Ramsay
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I've only made a few of the recipes but each has turned out great. If I, a complete novice, can produce great food from these videos then they've hit the mark. Well done and thank you.

Great inspirational material of high class cooking at home

i have learned new skills that i will cary with me. i love learning things every day

I love cooking and also i really respect Gordon Ramsay, so as soon i knew that there was this Master Class thing going on i immediately downloaded the class, and i am glad i did. Amazing and inspiring, and over all very well done.


Kelli D.

Love this class and loved the chicken! yum!! Possibly a typo in the recipe or down under we breed little chickens... Every other cooking class I've watched in one way or another I am always lead back to Gordon Ramsay. What I would give to watch him working in person although I am very humbled to have him virtually in my kitchen.

Serge J.

Can anyone please help me? What is a 13 pound whole chicken? When I convert to the metric system, it's about 5,8kg, which is more than twice the weigth of the biggest chicken I can find... (The biggest chicken I can find here at the market weigh about 2.2kg cleaned and that seems much bigger than what Chef Gordon is using). What is the weigth of the cleaned chicken you used to make this recipe?

Jennifer T.

This was one of my favorite roasted chicken's that I've ever made. Seasoned perfectly and so moist! I didn't do too bad in my first attempt of carving the chicken. I will definitely make this again!

Ramona W.

Wow! What a beautiful presentation! It's almost too pretty to eat, smells so wonderful, and now have to wait to eat until the next lesson. Tonight I'm making the Salad and can't wait. The Szechuan Peppercorns and Cracked Black Pepper are delicious on a little piece of the skin that I just had to taste. A little tingle on the tongue and then a little kick of flavor. Saving the stuffed carcass for broth. Tomorrow I'll finish off the chicken with another lesson with Ramen Broth and Udon.

Qasim Z.

Has anyone else had trouble downloading the course file for this and lecture 8?

Joel H.

Has anyone tried this recipe (pepper, stuffed with lemon, fennel, onion, herbs) on a turkey?

Srikanth M.

I would let the chicken rest outside the refrigerator for at least 10 minutes for it to come to room temperature and pat it dry with a Kitchen towel before seasoning it inside and outside. Chef Ramsay might have missed mentioning that...look at how relaxed and fresh his chicken looks , like it has been slaughtered a few minutes back.

Laura S.

Tested this recipe last week, it was delicious and that egg yolk made a great job. Usually I used butter for browning the chicken but egg yolks is just as good as the butter. This is my chicken...

Todd G.

I spatcock the chicken when I roast it. I just like how it turns out, better and easier to cook.with good consistency in the end. I brined it with the veggies, and and peppercorns before hand then dry it off ass the yolks and season it to go in the oven then pure happiness afterwards.

A fellow student

Love the idea of using egg yolk to help brown the chicken, but our family has some egg allergies. Any suggestions for a credible alternative to egg yolk? thanks, Patrick