Culinary Arts

Szechuan Roasted Whole Chicken

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 12:59 min

Gordon teaches you how to truss and roast a whole chicken encrusted with homemade szechuan pepper mix. Then, carve the chicken into portions you’ll reserve for the salad in Chapter 10 and the ramen broth with udon in Chapter 11.

Gordon Ramsay
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Fantastic ideas and techniques. Bravo, more, more please.

It's amazing! Knowledge cooking and skills keep growing because of each lesson. Gordon's class is wonderful

Hi my name is David I really enjoyed this Masterclass, it has taught me new recipes presentation and how to put together different types of spices and garnish with every plate. would like to learn more.

I enjoyed this class very much, and am already working my way through the next one. So much fun to watch and learn.



I think this roasting method with all sorts of different types of spices and flavors could be the ultimate way to roast a chicken FOREVER! I will have to try this with the pomme puree. Thanks for adding a recipe for the chicken stock!

Jeff M.

I'm going to make this tomorrow. Can someone please tell me how to use the jus? (Pour it straight on the plated chicken or make sauce?)

David W.

I made this along with the pomme puree and it was a massive hit! I have never cooked in my life. Thank you Gordon for making me a rock star!


I have a Celiac houseguest coming over for a week, and I want to make this. Does anyone know if Szechuan seasoning contains gluten? She is SUPER sensitive. I know it contains vinegar powder, which can include gluten, depending on the type used. I may just make my own. Any advice is much appreciated!

A fellow student

We loved this - incredible flavour and so easy to do. We have not yet followed on with the noodle dish, but will do one day soon. We made some lovely stock from the roast chicken.

David A.

Love this lesson any advice / changes for expanding this recipe for a turkey

A fellow student

My chiken was already marinade for 3 days.. so the flabor was increíble too , Brand new for me to keep the chiken Brest also the yolk made a whole diferrencie in the presentation .. love your classes Gordon ..

Kelli D.

Love this class and loved the chicken! yum!! Possibly a typo in the recipe or down under we breed little chickens... Every other cooking class I've watched in one way or another I am always lead back to Gordon Ramsay. What I would give to watch him working in person although I am very humbled to have him virtually in my kitchen.

Serge J.

Can anyone please help me? What is a 13 pound whole chicken? When I convert to the metric system, it's about 5,8kg, which is more than twice the weigth of the biggest chicken I can find... (The biggest chicken I can find here at the market weigh about 2.2kg cleaned and that seems much bigger than what Chef Gordon is using). What is the weigth of the cleaned chicken you used to make this recipe?

Jennifer T.

This was one of my favorite roasted chicken's that I've ever made. Seasoned perfectly and so moist! I didn't do too bad in my first attempt of carving the chicken. I will definitely make this again!