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Culinary Arts

Szechuan Roasted Whole Chicken

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 12:59 min

Gordon teaches you how to truss and roast a whole chicken encrusted with homemade szechuan pepper mix. Then, carve the chicken into portions you’ll reserve for the salad in Chapter 10 and the ramen broth with udon in Chapter 11.

Gordon Ramsay
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Learned many good techniques that I was hoping he'd teach. Awesome!

Gordon is not only a good Chef, he is a great teacher. Very passionate. Makes you want to cook!

great second part, the first one was amazing because it covered very important aspects, in this one, you have to use them and improve your skills

We have learned a lot more recipes and techniques to really up our cooking game and bring it to the next level. It has been a great motivational tool to try new recipes and to push ourselves to expand our skills and knowledge.


Stetson B.

hey does anybody know what song they used for this video? would love to find it


Had a difficulty to get to the same colour as Gordon's, so I left the chicken in the oven around 70 mins. Result? Breasts could have been juicier, but still were tasty. Fennel, lemon and pepper present a lot mainly in the juice. BTW, there wasn't a lot of juice in my tray, but after I cut the rested chicken, I got twice as much more. I used rosemary instead of thai basil, which I will try next time. It should be a bit better I suppose. Next time I will also make a broth and try the noodles.

A fellow student

Tried with two different method (Pan seared - in Gordon 1st lesson, & Oven backed roasted chicken), both taste delicious. Never thought chicken breast can be so delicious (tender & juicy) when timing and temperature is right. Most of the time tasted chicken breast was dry, even when eating outside at restaurant.


The best roast chicken ever.... made it exactly as described, it took a little longer to cook, but was delicious...… I was so impressed, invited my inlaws the following week, they loved it too. Thank you Chef Ramsay!

Eric R.

I just made this for the first time last night and it was a success. I couldn't find Meyer Lemons so I used regular lemons for the salt. To Max K.'s point below, the smallest chicken I could find was just over 4lbs. and the bottom had some underdone areas - I just finished them in a hot pan with ghee. It was tender, juicy and flavorful - I'll definitely make this again. Thanks Chef Ramsey for the instruction, you definitely improved my technique.

Max K.

Easy and delicious recipe, chicken has great lemon taste. Be aware of not using large chicken, because if you do, the chicken may not be wholly cooked (what I got).

Karina A.

Great tip about using egg yellow to make the seasoning stick to the bird! Thanks :]


I think this roasting method with all sorts of different types of spices and flavors could be the ultimate way to roast a chicken FOREVER! I will have to try this with the pomme puree. Thanks for adding a recipe for the chicken stock!

Jeff M.

I'm going to make this tomorrow. Can someone please tell me how to use the jus? (Pour it straight on the plated chicken or make sauce?)

David W.

I made this along with the pomme puree and it was a massive hit! I have never cooked in my life. Thank you Gordon for making me a rock star!