Culinary Arts

Red Wine Poached Egg, Asparagus, and Mushrooms

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 25:55 min

Learn how to sauté and purée to make this vegetarian main course, plus get tips on how to prep vegetables and poach eggs ahead of time for quick assembly when you’re ready to serve.

Gordon Ramsay
Teaches Cooking II: Restaurant Recipes at Home
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Cooking at home is the new going out

It’s more than dinner—it’s a dining experience. Gordon Ramsay returns with a second cooking MasterClass to teach you how to prep, plate, and pair recipes that wow guests. With 13 restaurant-inspired dishes designed for home cooking, you’ll learn how to build elevated courses from appetizer to dessert using everyday ingredients.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Gordon Ramsay has me excited about cooking! I love cooking for my family and friends and am ready to take it to the next level.

I love getting so many great recipes I can cook at home, I'll be the talk of the parties that I host for sure!

As a home cook, there are techniques that I have never seen. Chef Ramsey makes things easy and give me confidence. Thank you.

Plating is so important and one of my weaknesses


Chris D.

Does anyone know what kind of stove Gordon uses? I would assume a chef would use a gas stove to have more control over the heat. Is this an induction cooktop, perhaps?

A fellow student

Not a complicated recipe, yet intricate. Presentation is amazing, I bet it tastes fantastic. Time to go shopping (home delivery :|)

James Z.

I'm interested in hearing how people like the poached egg in red wine. Personally, I think it looks terrible - almost like a piece of liver or the gizzards from a chicken. I don't like hot mulled wine and am just really curious how others like the taste? I'm a big fan of poached eggs and think a classic egg would both look and taste great.....please share your experiences.

A fellow student

Very interesting to see details such as the scoring as well as the no waste vegetable stock.

Kris S. you made the puree...the color was white...a little bit green...As you are plating it...the puree is shiny green! Explanation would be cool ;)

Jamal D.

Damn this is our second masterclass with the Gordon Ramsey and they don't give certificates for this. I wish these courses came with certificates at the end even just attendance certificates. I mean the first series was great. I am sure this will be too. Shame about certification

Liam W.

Tip - add in a handful of baby spinach into the pan with the asparagus trimmings during the last ten seconds, then blend to achieve the bright green puree Gordon has at the end. Won't change the flavor, but will boost the color.


You make it so difficult ,but at the end it’s much more enjoyable and delicious to eat

A fellow student

At 4:07 or so you say "a white onion" but then you talk about garlic being in the pan - which is it?


Thank you so much Gordon! I made this for my Mom's birthday and I had a fantastic time making it, thank you!