Culinary Arts


Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 01:06 min

As Gordon says, “cooking isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.” He encourages you to stick with it and try your own spin on each dish as you gain confidence and creativity in the kitchen.

Gordon Ramsay
Teaches Cooking II: Restaurant Recipes at Home
Start creating dining experiences at home. Learn to cook restaurant-inspired dishes with tips for time-saving prep to show-stopping presentation.
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Cooking at home is the new going out

It’s more than dinner—it’s a dining experience. Gordon Ramsay returns with a second cooking MasterClass to teach you how to prep, plate, and pair recipes that wow guests. With 13 restaurant-inspired dishes designed for home cooking, you’ll learn how to build elevated courses from appetizer to dessert using everyday ingredients.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Inspirational!!! He takes dishes that incorporate multiple techniques that you can expand in many other aspects of your cooking. Simply brilliant teaching!!!

I have learned so many different techniques in the series. Very much enjoyed the recipes and am excited to get cooking

I am so excited to try the recipes and techniques that I have learned. Thank you Chef Ramsay!

Watching him cook his passion is unsurpassed. Loved this class. Every movement has passion and desire


Anukshi S.

Amazing recipes and techniques shown throughout by Chef Ramsay. I thoroughly enjoyed myself watching you in action, doing what you do best and have learnt so many unique and new techniques. Thank you for sharing!

Shannon C.

I totally love watching this! Thank you Chef Ramsay for putting together dishes we can make at home, super excited to try it out along with the valuable Workbook! Highly recommend this course to everyone as with this knowledge cooking doesn't seems so hard just need to get the basics & understanding of our ingredients.

Audrey D.

I loved watching Chef Ramsay pull together some beautiful dishes - it made me feel like I could accomplish some of these great techniques in my very own kitchen!

A fellow student

The best chef ever - a man with passion, love and admiration for food. I just genuinly love him :)

Stephani R.

I know my souffle will come out even better next time. Such great tips that I never knew. Thank you Chef Ramsay

I love the little tips and reminders all through each lesson. Such a great way to share his love for cooking.

A fellow student

very well presented,well organized, and please let him go to the bathroom, seems that he has to pee all the time, moving around like he does

Olga P.

Gordon Ramsay’s class is alone worth the subscription! Absolutely brilliant and inspiring! Thank you Chef Ramsay and MasterClass!


Thank you Gordon! I have learned so much with your classes, using simple tricks and elevating my own creativity with what I grow seasonally. I will return again and again in my mind and class notes for ideas and inspiration. This class has definitely elevated my cooking techniques.

Norman F.

awesome results! great advice is to dry run and test before putting together a whole dinner for guest