Culinary Arts

Grilled Baby Leeks, Miso Broth, and Caviar Vinaigrette

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 19:35 min

Make Gordon’s dish of grilled baby leeks, then poached in a miso broth full of umami flavor. Finish the dish by making a luscious, sauce-like caviar vinaigrette or simply omit the caviar to make this appetizer vegetarian.

Gordon Ramsay
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

I love the first one and I Love the second one!

Chef Ramsay is an incredible teacher who oozes passion as he discusses each recipe and generously offloads top tips in the kitchen.

Entertaining as always, and now I cook things a little differently. Exceptional teacher.

I am going crazy anxious to try all the new techniques and recipes Chef Ramsey has shared. I love his honesty with food, his preparation and passion. Colorful, flavorful and fulfilling. Thank you!


Alicia N.

For someone who has never purchased caviar, how do you know what type to buy...or what is any good? Do you have any suggestions for brands/types or best place to buy? Also, there are many types of miso out there, which type would be best for this recipe? Thank you!

James Z.

Has anybody tried the dish? I'm thinking that maybe not doing the vinaigrette, but rather crisping up some shallots and putting them on top would add some crunch and texture to the braised shallots and streamline the preparation a bit. Thoughts? .

Jerry S.

a lot of monday morning quarterbacks in here, Shut up and if you dont like the dish then dont cook it. Why pay for these courses only to come here and criticize? A lot of asshats in here

A fellow student

the first season is wonderful! but the leaks look like dead worms on the plate with too much oil and salt. the vinaigrette looks not attractive at all. the eggs, the caviar, the colour, I have no appetite on it

Karina A.

I really think Ramsey needs to learn a bit more about what it means to cook 'healthy' food. This recipe is NOT healthy just because he uses 'vegetables ground in the ground' (lol where else do they grow‽) because he uses abusive amounts of sodium throughout the dish preparation. (High Sodium intake causes the body to retain too much water thereby increasing the blood pressure and risk of ischemic heart disease, the number one leading cause of death globally.) White miso has 640mg of sodium PER TABLESPOON –– did anyone note how many tablespoons he added? I counted at least 5. And that is above and beyond the number of times he salted the leeks in the first place again I counted at least 4 different times that he sprinkled large grains of salt across the dish. This looks like an appetizer for about 4-6 people. So that means that each portion would contain somewhere on the order of about 1000mg per serving. Recall that a healthy diet should not include more than 2300 milligrams of sodium daily (equivalent to the amount in about 1 teaspoon). So healthy vegetable dish? No. I doubt this would even be edible (at least for anyone who is used to eating healthy amounts of sodium). Please Gordon, get a clue!

Kristine K.

Wow a work of art. I would skip the caviar and make it a vegan dish. This is absolutely amazing!

Michael O.

I would never have guessed... will try this with asparagus. Thank you chef.


This looks amazing ... another dish where I can use my fresh cilantro. Will have to cook up some of that miso broth and keep it handy in the fridge for all my other sturdy green veggies (asparagus, Brussels sprouts). I think I can veganize the dish by replacing the hard-boiled egg with some vegan cheese crumbles, and there's something called Caviart that's made from seaweed and has a similar taste and texture. Will give it a shot!

Ramona W.

Tonight I made the additional recipe at the end of the lesson...Cod and Baby Bok Choy...the flavor was delicious and the Cod was so flakey. The Miso marinade added a sweetness and the crunch of the Bon Choy was a match made in heaven. I served with Steamed White Rice and it soaked up the juices from the foil packet that I steamed the Cod in.

Ramona W.

I love adventures, and David will help me search for ingredients all over Texas, sometimes I can find on Amazon, but not with fresh vegetables. I put out the word to all of my foodie friends on FaceBook, Chef friends, and Farmer's Market friends, but could not find Baby Leeks. I even ordered baby Lancelot Leeks from a company and have them planted in my garden. We decided to make one more round to see if we could find the Baby Leeks. I read that they might be found in Asian Markets, so there is where we started. We went to the 2 main Asian Markets that we knew about and called another one...discouraged, I figured I'd just have to wait the 45 - 60 days for my leeks to grow. We were mapping our route to our next destination and had to make a u-turn...instead we made a right hand turn and luck would have it, we drove right up to a Korean Market! Seoul Korean Market...what the heck, why not stop and take a look. It was a larger market and so clean. And luck was with me because right in the produce were Baby Leeks!!! We laughed and grabbed them all. Had lunch in the little cafe and there you have it....we found Baby Leeks. The recipe turned out so delicious that I can't wait to have my leeks in our garden grow so we can enjoy again. We love the mild leek flavor between a shallot, onion and a hint of garlic. Roasted just enhances the flavors. Poached in the Miso Broth was heaven and when you think it can't get any tastier, you add the Caviar Vinaigrette, the mild hint of lemon, the miso broth, and the texture from the hard boiled grated egg added with just a touch of! Delicious!