Culinary Arts

Raspberry Soufflé

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 15:25 min

Gordon teaches you the techniques he calls “the science of soufflé.” Learn how to bake airy soufflés with crisp edges and perfect height for a sweet end to a special meal.

Gordon Ramsay
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Gordon is fucking awesome! Such a master at what he does. And it's so obvious how much he LOVES it. His passion and energy is what makes me want to binge watch his classes. What a character!

Love his enthusiasm for cooking , food and detail....can apply that to any part of life......

Gordon is an amazing teacher. His passion is there - so is his perfection - thank you - it was a wonderful class

Very much a new appreciation for the texture of food


Pedro A.

Why cant i access all the videos somenon help, Its ridiculous some accounts have more videos than others. I can only access 8 of the 15 lessons but most people can access all of them

A fellow student

I am really loving Gordon's lessons. I love the way he breaks things down to be so simple and approachable - much like his personality. I had always heard of his fiery reputation but I am loving him!

A fellow student

Beautiful lesson and experience.... cannot wait to try the recipes for guests.

Daniel E.

Love the dishes, but honestly how am I supposed to replicate these without knowing now to make some of the sauces and other pre prepared parts. ?

Pierce T.

I really enjoy making the souffles. I have made 3 batches. Two of them were the raspberry souffles, but the third was a strawberry souffle with a lemon sauce. Everyone I have given them too has loved them, but I need help. I have been really struggling with the pastry cream! I follow the recipe and it turns into a paste. When I refrigerate it, it comes out almost like a gelatin and doesn't mix well with the coulis. Am I cooking it too long? Can anyone help me out?

Hasan A.

I have made this souffle but when i first took it off the oven it just collapsed after a minute or so the taste was great but the look of the souffle wasn't what I expected


I had this dish at his restaurant a couple of years ago and didn't have his reaction. Likely just a case of different tastes, but if any restaurant was going to take soufflé seriously then Royal Hospital Road was going to be one of them. I'm sure they did it well, but the soufflé (while it sounds impressive and exotic) just left me totally flat. Every other dish was absolutely out of this world awesome.

Graeme R.

LOVED it! Gordon's chuckle and look of delight and happiness after he said, "Fucking delicious!" made the whole course ascend into the heavens.


I loved this recipe video the best of this series because it seems like Chef Ramsay is really having fun - 'f**king delicious!' And when he's waiting for the egg whites, it's so real because the timing of this recipe and the order of ingredients and temperatures are so critical to success. I will try this recipe soon and post my pics!!

A fellow student

Mine came out pretty good. However, be careful to serve immediately - they deflate (at least mine did) very fast.