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Culinary Arts

Raspberry Soufflé

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 15:25 min

Gordon teaches you the techniques he calls “the science of soufflé.” Learn how to bake airy soufflés with crisp edges and perfect height for a sweet end to a special meal.

Gordon Ramsay
Teaches Cooking II: Restaurant Recipes at Home
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It’s more than dinner—it’s a dining experience. Gordon Ramsay returns with a second cooking MasterClass to teach you how to prep, plate, and pair recipes that wow guests. With 13 restaurant-inspired dishes designed for home cooking, you’ll learn how to build elevated courses from appetizer to dessert using everyday ingredients.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Gordon made me appreciate the art of cooking and the ability to get amazing results with just a little effort.

I don't know how much I've learned but it was entertaining.

Absolutely love the passion of his cooking! Such a fan. He makes it look so easy, yet incredible!

I've learned so much and my cooking confidents has skyrocketed. I'm so happy to bless my family and friends with great food


lisa P.

loved this. I have a choc hot soufflé recipe (think its a dehlia one) that I can prepare in advance and leave it in the freezer until I make a batch of them to whip out when needed. it makes a dinner party easier. do you think this one can be made in advance and kept in the freezer or even fridge (same day usage)??

Brandon K.

I've had a very hard time finding high walled Ramekins. If you know where I can get some online, please send me a link. This was a very much anticipated dish for the family. We had some farm fresh strawberries the day before so we went with a strawberry Souffle this go round. Everyone loved it, and other than getting that rise just right, these tasted as good if not better than any we've had at a restaurant. This is a keeper recipe and technique.


I can't wait to make the souffle'! I absolutely love baking and have never tried a souffle' before. Wish me luck!

Julien R.

It would be nice if they show everything including the raspberry puree and the pastry because I have no idea how to do that :)

Bill C.

It was just wonderful! Such artistry! It was beautiful to watch him in action!

Veronique R.

Hi everybody ! Do you know wether i can get the recipes with "metric" measures -> grammes, kilos, etc. It is annoying to always translate the anglo-saxon mesures... Thank you very much for your help and great success in kitchen !

Pedro A.

Why cant i access all the videos somenon help, Its ridiculous some accounts have more videos than others. I can only access 8 of the 15 lessons but most people can access all of them

A fellow student

I am really loving Gordon's lessons. I love the way he breaks things down to be so simple and approachable - much like his personality. I had always heard of his fiery reputation but I am loving him!

A fellow student

Beautiful lesson and experience.... cannot wait to try the recipes for guests.

Daniel E.

Love the dishes, but honestly how am I supposed to replicate these without knowing now to make some of the sauces and other pre prepared parts. ?