Culinary Arts

Pomme Purée

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 18:47 min

Gordon’s perfect mashed potatoes rely on a waxy potato and potato ricer. Learn how to choose the right type of potato, infuse your cream with flavor, and achieve a smooth and creamy purée.

Gordon Ramsay
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Took both of Chef Ramsey's courses. He is a dynamic mentor and facilitator; with such a passion for cooking that it is contagious. Inspirational instruction.... I learned a great deal.

Fine details and tips to improve a technique. It’s very motivational!

Everything about this master class was brilliant. Techniques, the very detailed explanations and demonstrations, passion, and patience. Master Chef!

Travelling from Hong Kong to London, Paris, Las Vegas, Italy and the rest of the globe. Cooking helps me with stress, put enjoying the best chef in the world, is an experience like no other.


Dawn S.

Lesson plan is different than video. It says to add oil, oil not in ingredients.

Clair G.

A poached egg and green on top would be an amazing breakfast? - Just thinking out loud here.

Clair G.

A trick I learned!! - Use a glass bowl double boiler method to keep (mashed) potatoes warm while preparing the rest of the meal. Can't see why this won't work for pureed potatoes as well.


Ah, flashbacks of Breaking Bad and Skyler's potato ricer. Now I get it! By the way, my herb garden from Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking I is overflowing--I'm going to try using fresh basil and chives in this recipe (before they take over my kitchen).

A fellow student

Love the idea of infusing the cream the various ingredients depending on what you are serving them with.


Much of this chapter was well known to certain members of my family. Yes, the polish know what to do with a potato. There were however some slight twists, which I'm thrilled to share with them. Delicious.

Christopher L.

Just made these potatoes tonight, so creamy and sooo delicious. The ricer really makes them really creamy and have no lumps. I’m 12 years of age and have been cooking for around 6 months and this MasterClass and my mother’s and fathers cooking skills have helped me learn and learn and learn and be good at it. We served theses potatoes with a beautiful mid rare Prime NY strip. I loved the idea of infusing the cream over the stove and heating it up, this method made the potatoes so rich in flavor and texture. So far this MasterClass has helped me a lot, so I thank you Gordon for this MasterClass.

Jimmie S.

I liked learning that preparing a warm "sauce" to incorporate into the mashed potatoes was a far better way of producing a better mashed potato dish. The only suggestions I have for the downloaded PDF is to change "river" to "ricer" in the Recipe Timeline. Also, when I saw "timeline", I thought there would be actual times listed for each section of the timeline. It's not necessary, though. It is understood that this shows the sequence of steps to preparing this dish. properly. I would recommend this lesson to anyone I know who cooks. I believe they would appreciate Chef Ramsay's suggested cream sauces (parsley; basil; etc.) to produce a far superior mashed potato.

Jennifer T.

Love the idea of infusing the cream over the stove and not adding in cold. Also will definitely start steaming the potatoes after I've drained them. I can taste them now!!! MMMMMMmmmmm...


Overall it looks good. But Gordan, way too much mixing. The more mixing builds up gluten. Which makes them gummy, My suggestion, through all the ingredients at once after they go through the ricer. Mix once and adjust the cream, butter and seasoning.