Culinary Arts

Pomme Purée

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 18:47 min

Gordon’s perfect mashed potatoes rely on a waxy potato and potato ricer. Learn how to choose the right type of potato, infuse your cream with flavor, and achieve a smooth and creamy purée.

Gordon Ramsay
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

The most beautiful thing in life.Sincerely, you are amazing, you are everything. Thank you.

Thank you for such an amaizing and useful experience! I feel absolutely in love with the Art of cooking. And now it seems I am not a Princess more like a Queen in the kitchen! Inspiration overwhelms me, I cant help making close people happy! It is great to know some secrets to be able to prepare something special at home, especially for my Boyfriend, who is Real Gourmet in everything.

Loving Gordon Ramsey's cooking classes. Love his passion in the kitchen.

Made me feel comfortable exploring my individual tastes



I want to lick every bowl, pan and utensil he sets aside! I love this recipe!

A fellow student

The lemon (or citrus) salt. Is it just simply putting zest into Maldon quality salt and letting that mingle for a bit? How long? Would it need refrigeration?

A fellow student

"Potatoes into a pan. LITERALLY in." Glad he clarified, I usually metaphorically place my potatoes in a pan. For God's sake Gordon - you're a genius with food - Why would you use "literally" so goddamn poorly? You sound like a third grader trying to sound intelligent.

Sara L.

I finally made the potato puree and they were delicious! I have never tried infusing the cream with flavor before adding it to my potatoes and I don't think I'll ever go back. I only used the bay leaves and garlic from the recipe in the PDF and it was fantastic. I might try adding an herb next time, too, just to see what we like best. Great lesson!


It sounds like the classes are aimed at our American friends and not the Brits. The Yukon potatoes is not something that is sold commonly in the UK. Also the reference to temperature in Fahrenheit ? What da F....? If this is only for Yanks then you should not sell it to Europeans!!! Annoying...

Leonardo R.

I'm from Brazil, and have a difficult to understand. The cream that Gordon refer it's milk cream?

Anna H.

We are ready to try this one out for Thanksgiving this year! We even bought a ricer!

Raymond V.

Actually, I have to share that by the time Chef finished making the mashed potatoes I absolutely wanted a taste. Oh! I want to make this right now. Thanksgiving mash potato, mmm!


Anyone notice in the PDF and the video, there is no mention of the thyme? I guess it goes in with the bay leaves. Or leave. PDF says 2, Gordon says 1.


Hello new mash potatoes for thanksgiving. I've already got mine fluffy, but not Ramsey fluffy. I'll get the rice thinger.