Culinary Arts


Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 03:33 min

In your first lesson, Gordon explains why he’s back with a second class and how his newest restaurant-inspired recipes will help you wow your next dinner guests with a fabulous at-home dining experience.

Gordon Ramsay
Teaches Cooking II: Restaurant Recipes at Home
Start creating dining experiences at home. Learn to cook restaurant-inspired dishes with tips for time-saving prep to show-stopping presentation.
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Cooking at home is the new going out

It’s more than dinner—it’s a dining experience. Gordon Ramsay returns with a second cooking MasterClass to teach you how to prep, plate, and pair recipes that wow guests. With 13 restaurant-inspired dishes designed for home cooking, you’ll learn how to build elevated courses from appetizer to dessert using everyday ingredients.


Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

My entire cooking foundation has really come on the lessons and teachings of Gordon Ramsay. I greatly appreciate all that he has done. I genuinely hope there will be a third masterclass of his.

My intention was to enjoy the classes and I have certainly achieved that.

I cook, take classes and teach classes. Loved the techniques and plating that Gordon provides.

I simply loved every part of this class! Gordon uses easily accessible ingredients to make an elevated dish that will wow even the most stubborn dinner guest! More Gordon Ramsay!!!!


A fellow student

I am not a professional cooking is my hobby. Love to cook and travel! Very exited to learn from Gordon Ramsey how to cook professional and beautiful!

Bonnie O.

I'm starting to learn how to cook. I'm excited to learn more from Gordon Ramsay!

Joel Kirk R.

My wife insisted on this one... I know I'm going to have some great meals as my reward!


I can't wait to try these dishes. I will go through the first Masterclass at some point. Thank you Gordon for making this second masterclass. What a treat and opportunity to be able to learn from the absolute best. Thank you for this opportunity!! I have just started and will be practicing, practicing, practicing. You will be getting a look at what I have done with each lesson to add my own twist.

A fellow student

This two classes are fantastic. I am wanting to verify what I believe to be the case: His oven temps are all Celsius correct?

A fellow student

I absolutely loved this class. A good amount of this I had a basic knowledge of but this helped me bring it to another level. I do have one question I'd like some feedback on. Trying to settle a dispute with a friend. When making a marinara sauce, when using canned tomatoes when necessary, obviously use Cento San Marzano, but the huge battle is juice in, or drain it? I say juice in because it contains more flavor and when cooked correct and simmered for a long enough time the water evaporates and the sauce thickens.

William R.

I love Gordon Ramsay's attitude toward sharing his great knowledge and passion with others. When he talks, you can't help but see, feel and hear his passion. It will rub off on you if you let it. I am so excited to have a second class by him. Time to dig in.

John D.

It is easy to see why you invited him back. Chef Ramsey is great at getting a person excited about food.

Sue A.

Sounds great....if only my laptop behaves and lets the video play smoothly as oppose to stopping and starting

A fellow student

I've been cooking for years but have just recently opened a private venue for provate events and I want to get re-energized and hone my skills. I am looking froward to this class to do just tat and get me a boos of confidence I need for the wedding I am catering in March!