Culinary Arts

Cauliflower Steak, Olives, and Mushrooms

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 19:04 min

Gordon demonstrates how to transform an ordinary head of cauliflower into a show-stopping vegetarian dish. Learn how to sear cauliflower “steaks” and make a flavorful olive pistou with sautéed porcinis to top.

Gordon Ramsay
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Cooking at home is the new going out

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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Technique - there are just some small things you have to learn by watching - no recipe tells you how they work

I've learned so much from watching these Gordon Ramsay videos. My cooking has improved by adjusting simple things like the way I heat oil in a pan or use vegetables for particular flavors. It's so incredible! I also can't stop saying the word "beautiful!" I hope to see more cooking classes like this one. Thank you, Gordon and MasterClass!

Watching him cook his passion is unsurpassed. Loved this class. Every movement has passion and desire

The entire series has been uplifting. I have learned more from these classes - whether writing, cooking, or speaking- than I did in college. I'd recommend the services to anyone- and I will be renewing my membership in September.



There is no denying the love and ingenuity put into the creation of this dish. The result is a work of art. I suggested I might make it for dinner last week. But my teen would rather eat any type of animal, even if he had to hunt, butcher, and prepare it over an open fire in the artic tundra in subzero weather...without gloves. So what is next on the menu Chef Ramsey?

Chris and Scarlett F.

This was a really useful exercise in thorough preparation. We prepped all the ingredients for each of the 3 recipes and it was so simple then to bring the whole thing together. The result was sublime! Definitely will be done again...and again!

Marla P.

Turned out delicious. I love veggies but my husband is a meat and potatoes kind of guy. He LOVED it and said I could make it anytime. He forged for the mushrooms which were yellow and black chanterelles vs portobellos. I made my own Harissa powder since I didn’t have any. It was outstanding. Thank you Chef Ramsey.

A fellow student

cauliflower is a very firm, plain veggie, rarely has its own flavour. the same as eggplant. but the difference is the texture of eggplant is spongy and can be melt into the puree, but cauliflower is like a root veggie. it wouldn't be tasty by absorbing flavour until you chop it small. the mushroom is also more or less plain but with its own fragrant .these two vegies both need to be elevated by other powerful ingredients. but obviously the olive is not powerful enough to take this responsibility. olive is a very "side" flavour. I can't believe these two will go well by olive

Saima H.

We made this for the first time for our neighbor, who has Crohn's disease and has limited dietary options at most dinner parties...he LOVED it. Ate nearly two ginormous pieces of the cauliflower plus took the rest with him home. Pretty big compliment -- thank you Gordan Ramsay!


I love cauliflower and never have cooked it this way - now I know I can and I will! One thing I would like to see is how he cuts up his dishes and serves them for a family meal. I'd like to see his method for division of servings and how they hold their 'look' after portions are divided.

Chrysostomos K.

Dear Gordon, if it were not for your 3 children ladies, we would not have been privileged to learn of your "Cauliflower Steak" creation. Thank you for your presentation and recipe. Here the result (in the attachment) which will now be part of our menu variety. Regards Chrys


This is a bit confusing, as you see many folks - including chefs - that say you are NOT supposed to heat olive oil to the point of smoking.

A fellow student

Amazing! My kids loved it! Any chance Gordon will share some more secrets about what he feeds his kiddos? As an amateur chef and working father, would enjoy a professionals perspective on feeding the kids as well as the adults. Keep up the amazing work, and I hope there is a "Teaches Cooking 3" course!

Alicia N.

WOW! What a great new way of elevating cauliflower. They look amazing! I can't wait to make this dish. I only wish it was a little easier to find fresh Porcini/exotic mushrooms. They're dried and extremely expensive at most grocery stores.