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Culinary Arts

Hoisin Chicken and Pickled Daikon

Gordon Ramsay

Lesson time 19:15 min

Utilizing chicken thighs from Chapter 9: Szechuan Roasted Whole Chicken, Gordon teaches you how to make his crispy hoisin chicken, quick pickles, and his unique plating for this salad meant for sharing.

Gordon Ramsay
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Students give MasterClass an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Loved learning how to elevate my home cooking to a higher level.

very detailed class restaurant quality dishes

This is a wonderful MasterClass. After completing I can tell that my skills have improved greatly.

These classes were amazing! Loved every one! I'm a good cook, but Gordon is making me a better one. Thank You


A fellow student

Anyone know why he would use equal parts rice flour and cornstarch to coat the chicken with instead of just all-purpose flour?

Anukshi S.

Thank you for sharing that tip on overcrowding the wok and adjusting the heat levels when you fry the chicken! Very useful!

Kevin O.

How do you know if a lettuce needs washing or not? I thought you should rinse any produce you get from the store...?


for videos like this, you should include how people should eat it. isn't cutting the stem a good idea so the leaves pull apart easier?


Not at all a big deal but this is the 10th lesson while the beginning of this video shows Chapter 12.

Ramona W.

The Hoisin Chicken and Pickled Daikon Salad was delicious! The Szechuan Roasted Whole Chicken that I prepared earlier today, fried and with my homemade Hoisin sauce added a sweet flavor and crunchy texture. The pickled daikon and ginger gave the acid and spiciness from the ginger that really jazzed up the flavors. Don't forget the Honey Mustard Vinaigrette dressing adding more sweet and sour flavor to the salad. The presentation was so impressive. Like a big garden flower full of yumminess. And the lemon salt gave a lemony zesty flavor finishing the salad and giving it so much flavor.

Srikanth M.

Oven roasted chicken shallow frying sounds like a sure recipe for drying out a beautifully roasted chicken. Does anybody else feel the same ???

Jeanine K.

Absolutely wonderful. I am surprised at the snarky comments from some of the “students”. Why post negatives that have nothing to do with the food.


I would assume at his level that he washed the lettuce prior to video taping

James J.

Wow, was very tasty. Fun to eat with hands. I didn’t have pickled daikon, so used some sliced pickled vegetables. Thank you Chef Gordon for elevating family dinner.